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Bridge Lyra, Red Marble

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The Bridge Lyra 5-string violin features a hollow body made of a carbon fiber and Kevlar composite. The enclosed air resonates to provide a rich amplified violin sound while maintaining the strength and durability of a solid body instrument.

Bridge Lyra, Red Marble

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Great tone, striking style, and flexibility - what more can you ask for? The Bridge Lyra is built so that critical measurements conform to those of a standard acoustic violin, so it feels natural to play. The neck and fingerboard are made just like your acoustic violin's, with traditional materials and construction. The body is anything but traditional - molded from a composite of carbon fiber and Kevlar, not much heavier than an acoustic violin, while being incredibly strong. (Don't try this at home, but Bridge once hit one of their basses with a sledgehammer without breaking it!)

Power for the active preamp is supplied by a single 3V lithium coin-cell battery, which weighs virtually nothing, yet will last for approximately 1,000 hours of playing time.

Includes heavy duty rectangular case with attached cover, custom fit to the shape of the Lyra violin, and a carbon composite black metallic bow.

Full shop setup included at no additional charge. Among other things, this includes insuring that the pegs (often sticky!) function smoothly.

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  1. Durable, sleek, and good "bang for your buck" performance Review by Mark Woodyatt

    First of all, special thanks to the E.V.S. for the excellent customer service in helping me find an exceptional violin for my needs and budget. I've had my Bridge Lyra now for nearly 2 years and I didn't even replace the battery until about a month ago. Some thoughts and information that may be helpful for anyone thinking about purchasing one of these, or for anyone who would like to know my observations and tips for getting a better sound with this or any electric violin.
    First, The pros- the Lyra has great value, sounds good through most amps, clean signal. It's also super-tough. You could probably stop a bullet with one of these- and the acoustic resonating changer that's inside works well- for feeling the sound, hearing the sound if you're practicing acoustically, while preventing feedback for high-volume amplified settings. you can shred, or play a violin sonata...
    Things to consider - make sure you try the D'Adario Heliocore and NS electric violin strings... They sound better and perform better than most any strings... And combining different brands and thickness can throw off the tuning. The clean output works well for rock, fusion and some jazz, but for classical and other styles, I recommend using an acoustic pre-amp. My advice performing through a D.I. Pre-amp- cut the low end- below 200hz. If you "fiddle around" with the tone on the violin you'll discover that this can make a big difference, so start off keeping it right above the mid-point on the know... I found that I needed to experiment with the EQ quite extensively to get the right tone for whatever style of music I was playing, and these things can change depending on whetheryou are sending the signal to a PA, amp, wireless receiver, mixing board or routing it through various FX pedals. With some tweaking you'll find this instrument can be very versatile.
    Cons- the pickup isgood, but I'd bet that there's a better sounding pickup system for this model, and if so, I'd spend the extra money. Again,for the price, it's a good value, and I have gotten this to sound good through some signal processing tricks, as I previously mentioned.
    Also, The tuning can change if the temperature of
    the instrument gets colder.. You may find that you won't have to retune if you just play it for a dew minutes.
    The fine tuners are of a less-desireable quality than I would hope for. Some ways around this to achieve optimal intonation and instrument tension balance are
    To loosen each of the fine tuners to one and a half turns below (tighter than) where they are loose (they can vibrate if you're not careful in tightening them enough) and then retune using the tuning pegs. The 1 1/2 turns compensates for pitch change that occurs when the temperature changes and/or from the other strings get tuned.. You want to be able to tune up or down. (This may be a universally common characteristic of 5-stringed instruments...as..this is my first 5-string).
    I also highly recommend trying a Kaplen non-whistling e-string [for jazzers or for anyone who wants an e-string that feels and sounds smoother (they are wound)].
    Overall, I think bridge makes a good fiddle. I think that there are improvements that can be made, but they aren't keeping me from recording great music and sounding good on my gigs. I hope this helps. Thank you! (Posted on 10/26/15)

  2. Chinrest and Shoulder Rest Review by JoeP

    For anyone wondering... without any dfficulty whatsoever I was able to swap the supplied chinrest with my favorite center mount chinrest and it accepts standard shoulder rests. (Posted on 11/7/14)

  3. Stunning! Review by JoeP

    I know looks aren't everything but the pictures of this instrument do not do it justice. It is absolutely stunning! It has a high gloss finish and the red in the red-black marble is actually a vibrant metallic red.
    I've only just tried it plugged directly into a PA for a few minutes and indeed it has a nice acoustic-like tone to it. I'm looking forward to playing with DI/EQ settings so see what can be done.
    FYI, I also tried it with a very high gain amp model that I could not have used with my acoustic/electric because of feedback and the Bridge worked great with no feedback at all.
    (Posted on 11/7/14)

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