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Vintage ZETAs and ZETA Alternatives

While famed Zeta Music Systems is no longer in operation there remain many fine quality, used, vintage ZETA instruments in circulation.   We frequently have used vintage ZETA instruments in stock.  If you have a ZETA violin, viola, cello or upright bass that you are interesting in selling on consignment or trading against another instrument, please contact us.  If you can't find the right ZETA in our catalog, please consider another fine electric violins as a substitute. Electric Violin Shop's proprietor had represented ZETA as a dealer since the 1980's and he and our staff know their products better than anyone! We have compiled a list of great ZETA alternatives below for players who have a specific ZETA  tone in mind but can't find one for sale.

ZETA Jazz Bridge

ZETA 'Jazz'

Evan Fourness, former lead luthier for ZETA, has begun making his own instruments under the name of Fourness Violins. Evan has taken the design of the ZETA fusion body as well as the silky smooth tone of the ZETA Jazz pickup and retooled both to make a gorgeous looking and sounding violin he calls the Fourness Fuse. Jean-Luc Ponty, the jazz violinist who made the ZETA Jazz fusion famous with his own signature model, has adopted the Fourness Fuse into his touring arsenal and says of it, "The Fourness is the best solid body electric violin I ever played." If you are here looking for a ZETA Jazz Fusion, perhaps what you really need is a Fourness Fuse! You can read our review of the Fourness Fuse here on our blog.

ZETA Strados Bridge

ZETA 'Strados'

The ZETA Strados bridge is known for its edgy tone, which is more acoustic and brilliant sounding than the Jazz bridge. Its design features two pickup elements per string with the strings isolated from one another. While no pickup system on the market is identical to this design, perhaps the closest in tone are the Barbera Transducer Systems bridges, which also use multiple pickups for each string.

Similarly the placement of the pickup elements is very near to the string itself, so that the chiff of bow changes is heard more so than with the Jazz bridge adding another element of realism. Finally, the Barbera bridge, while shaped differently than the Strados, does a good job of isolating the strings from one another. Barbera bridges are sold individually for installation on the instrument of your choice.

They are also available on Jordan violins from 4 to 7 strings, on Vector Prodigy instruments from 4 to 6 strings, or on MSI violins from 4 to 5 strings.

ZETA E-series Bridge

ZETA 'E-series' or 'Educator'

The most naturally acoustic sounding of the ZETA bridge designs, the ZETA E-series bridge was featured on the ZETA Ensemble violins and violas, which came with a headphone output jack for silent practice for $1295. The Yamaha SV-200 is priced similarly and has the same neutral acoustic tone with a headphone jack as well for silent practice and in ear monitoring.

The ZETA 'Modern' body shape

Lastly, for the customer attracted to the ZETA 'Modern' body design, consider instead MSI violins. MSI instruments are the work of Dan Maloney who was at one time the lead luthier for ZETA Music Systems and in fact created their 'Modern' body design. The design he uses on his own instruments is certainly reminiscent of that older design though in many ways it is more elegant given its rounded curves and edges and slight asymetrical shape. Dan's craftsmanship is second to none and his violins have an artistic focus on detail.

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