1. Under New Ownership: EVS Converts To A Worker-Owned Cooperative

    May 16th, 2016 looked like any normal busy Monday at Electric Violin Shop. Our small staff worked in concert to address email inquiries and ship e-commerce orders taken over the weekend in between answering the usual barrage of customer phone calls. This group of employees has the day-to-day of running our small company, which does a global business, down to a science. So efficient was the operation that one would never guess this was our first full day under new ownership. That's because three days earlier on Friday, May 13th, Electric Violin Shop founder Blaise Kielar sold his ownership interest in the business to three of our long-time employees--Chris Guin, Duncan Monserud and Susie Sneeringer--who restructured EVS into a worker-owned cooperative.

    Blaise Kielar and the new Electric Violin Shop ownership team
    Blaise Kielar (far left) and the new Electric Violin Shop ownership team

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  2. Electric Player's Guide To The 2016 ASTA Conference

    It’s that time of year again, when thousands of string teachers, students, artists and product exhibitors descend on a city to commence the annual American String Teachers Association Nation Conference. This year the location is Tampa, Florida. If you are an electric player in attendance or a teacher interested in incorporating electric instruments and eclectic styles into your program, here are the sessions and exhibitors we recommend at the conference…
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  3. Listen: 1958 Fender Electric Violin

    Violinist and electric violin historian Ben Heaney (deltaviolin.com) posted a short but very high quality studio recording to YouTube of the original production prototype Fender electric violin from 1958. The recording is an extraction of the violin track from a professional album recording session Heaney played on. Heaney, tells us "in the video you get to hear the instrument through a Fender twin mic'd front, back and overhead ambient. No further processing or EQ but with some verb."
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  4. 2015 ASTA National Conference -- Things To See

    It's that time of year again when thousands of string teachers, students, artists and product exhibitors descend on city to commence the yearly American String Teachers Association Nation Conference.  This year the location is Salt Lake City, Utah.  Due to staffing at our shop (two new babies born into the EVS family--congratulations Susie and Ted!) we are unable to be physically present at ASTA this year, however through our good friends among the teachers, presenters and exhibitors we will be there in spirit!  If you are an electric player in attendance or a teacher interested in incorporating electric instruments and eclectic styles into your program, here are some of the events we recommend at the Salt Lake City ASTA conference...
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  5. ZETA Is Back!

    ZETA Jazz Fusion 5, roasted flamed maple top and neck Five years to the month after we received our last batch of Zeta violins a new shipment has just arrived! Zeta Music Systems, Inc. shut down in 2010, but the worldwide demand for their iconic electric violin brand never subsided. In the interim we've gotten dozens of inquiries each month from players all over the world who recognize the looks of the Fusion and Modern bodies and the sounds of the Jazz and Strados pickups. Prior to its shutdown Zeta had been around for a very long time by electric violin-world standards.  Keith McMillen, who today runs the forward-looking music technology company Keith McMillen Instruments, and Richard McClish, now of RMC Pickup Co., first founded Zeta Music Systems in the late 1970's.  By the mid-1980's jazz fusion violinist Jean Luc Ponty made the Zeta brand world famous and the 'Jazz Fusion' model iconic.
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  6. Bows Without Borders: CodaBow's GlobalBow™ Technology

    How CodaBow's GlobalBow™ technology will permit your CodaBow® to cross any border on the globe

    CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) is an international agreement between governments. Its aim is to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival. Due to increased international regulation, shipping or transporting items containing endangered, regulated, or monitored species across international borders can result in delays, fines, and confiscation.  With those species including Ivory, Madagascar Ebony, Tortoise Shell, Pernambuco, Lizard Skin, Whalebone, Mother-of-Pearl (Shell), internationally traveling string musicians may find it difficult to cross borders with their traditional wood bows.

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  7. Sign our petition: Electric Violin Music Isn't Noise

    Electric violinist Jeff Neil, of Synergy Violins, has entertained listeners in downtown Greenville, South Carolina for more than a year. Despite having performed with prior permission from the City, his recent renewal application for his street performance permit was denied. The reason, as stated by Greenville special events coordinator Victoria Cervantz: "The amplification rules for street performers is being tightly enforced and monitored...Electric guitars, electric violins, loop stations, background music for instruments, etc. are no longer being approved in order to fully abide by the ordinance as well as in response to noise complaints from visitors, residents and businesses.” However, Chapter 36, Article V, Section 36–143(k) of the Greenville, South Carolina, Code of Ordinances* clearly states that while "all street performers in conducting street performance activities shall be subject to the city's noise ordinance...performances with sound amplification are excluded unless the city manager or the city manager's designee issuing permits determines that the amplification is necessary or proper for the musical or other sound component of a performance." Amplification is necessary for the sound component of a solid body electric violin performance. Furthermore, Neil says that in the many times he has played, he has had only one noise complaint, and responded appropriately because he did not want to lose the chance to perform.** Tell the City of Greenville and other cities that electric violin music is not noise by signing our petition.

    Petition - Electric Violin Music Isn't Noise - GoPetition

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  8. 2014 Summer Eclectic Styles String Camps and Festivals

    Students and teachers -- consider taking advantage of some time off in the summer to both hone your technique and explore different musical styles by attending one of these fine string camps! Our list focuses on camps that teach and promote alternative (non-classical) styles such as jazz, rock, blues, latin, bluegrass, celtic, etc. Below these listings are links to other online resources that list great string camps, classical or otherwise, throughout the country...
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  9. An Electric Player's/Teacher's Guide to ASTA 2014

    ASTA 2014, Louisville It's that time of year and the American String Teachers Association (ASTA) National Conference is once again upon us. Electric Violin Shop is a proud Bronze Sponsor of this year's conference, as well as an exhibitor! The conference takes place this year at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, Kentucky from March 5-8. There are an incredible number of sessions, events, masterclasses, performances and exhibit booths, enough that it can be almost overwhelming to the attendee who has not planned ahead.  Therefore, we've put together the following guide for the student, musician or teacher in attendance whose focus or interest is on electric strings and alternative styles.
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  10. ElectricViolinShop.com Turns 12!

    Electric Violin Shop owner Blaise Kielar has been retailing electric bowed strings for almost 30 years, first through his traditional violin shop in the 1980's and then later through his eclectic Music Explorium, starting in 1999.  It was this date in 2002 that saw the birth of the domain name 'electricviolinshop.com' and thus began the world's first (and still only) shop specializing exclusively in amplified bowed strings! Much has changed since 2002.  We relocated from our little store on Weaver Street in Carrboro, NC to our present day location in Durham, near the Research Triangle Park; our branding and logo had a makeover; we completely redesigned our website in 2010, and many great new products have entered the market since then. However, a few things have remained constant over the years: our commitment to quality assurance; our high level of customer service; our thirst for exploring and vetting new gear and our love for what we do.  Blaise, Chris, Duncan, Susie and Ted thank the strings community for your 12 years (and counting) of support! Check out the evolution of Electric Violin Shop in the pictures below (click images for enlargement)...
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  11. 5 Resolutions and How to Achieve Them in the New Year

    new-years-resolutionIt's that time of year when everyone is setting resolutions and making promises to themselves.  There is no reason you can't keep and achieve your goals in the New Year.  Here are 5 common string player resolutions and how you can go about achieving them this year...

    Resolution #1: Practice more

    Was a lack of practice time or space your excuse for letting practice slide last year? Good news! Solid body instruments allow you practice anywhere, at any time without disturbing others by plugging in headphones. The Yamaha Silent Practice line features headphone practice capability, as does the NS Design CR-series. Other instruments without headphone jacks can still be used in conjunction with an amp or effects unit that does have a headphone jack. Click here to view our full selection of silent practice instruments! If you already have an electric (or a pickup) and amp, effects can be a great way to spice up practice. Those tedious scales, arpeggios and etudes become heavy metal solos when played through a distortion effect! Click here to shop effects processors and stompbox pedals.
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  12. Holiday Savings From Christian Howes Online Store

    Christian HowesJazz violinist and educator Christian Howes has graciously extended holiday discount specials to customers of Electric Violin Shop! Take 50% off instructional items in the Creative Strings Shop this month! (Starting as low as $1, these make perfect stocking stuffers for musicians) Get deals on summer camp tuition, our home study course, fun string ensemble charts, and more!
    Use coupon code "DECEMBER" right before checking out to receive your savings on scores, instructional courses, ebooks, and more: Visit the Creative Strings Shop here.
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  13. "We Are Hope" Virtual Concert Celebrates Music Education

    The MuzArt World Foundation has invited Mark Wood to be the host and featured artist for a huge concert event called “We Are Hope” to celebrate music education and we’re putting out the call to electric and acoustic violins, violas, cellos, and basses to be part of the world’s first virtual symphony orchestra.
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  14. **Calling All Recording Artists**

    We Want Your Original TuneHave you recorded original songs that feature electric violin, viola, cello or upright bass?  Do you want free exposure for your band or solo act?  If you answered yes to both, then it's time to send us your favorite original track to be used as background music in an Electric Violin Shop YouTube product review or promotional video.  There will be many upcoming videos and, therefore, many opportunities to have your track selected!
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  15. EVS Sponsors SAGWA Strings Festival & ROCKTACULAR©

    We are proud to offer our support this year to the Suzuki Association of the Greater Washington Area String Festival! This year the festival features a new program called ROCKTACULAR©, put together by EVS customer and member of the rock violin duo The Dueling Fiddlers Russell Fallstad and his co-clinician, cellist Rodney Farrar. The two will collaborate to bring students an integration of pop music culture and classical. The ROCKTACULAR© program will use familiar Suzuki repertoire to explore new ideas and possibilities in string playing.
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  16. EVS at ASTA National Conference 2013 -- Providence, RI

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