1. Introducing The Yamaha YEV

    Just introduced at NAMM 2016, Yamaha’s stylish new offering meets entry-level competitors head-on with regard to price point and quality.

    Yamaha YEV-104NT
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  2. Review: Electro-Harmonix C9 Organ Machine

    A new tool for bowed strings players! The Electro-Harmonix C9 Organ Machine transforms your instrument into a convincing full body, electric organ. If you play in a band without a keyboard player and have been searching a way to cover organ parts with your analog effects, look no further than the C9. The C9 has these nine different classic electric organ tone settings, which consist of various Hammond, Farfisa, Vox, Clavioline and even Mellotron-style tones:
    1. Tone Wheel [classic rock organ w/ chorus]
    2. Prog [prog. rock tone i.e. Emerson Lake and Palmer or Yes]
    3. Compact [The Doors "Light My Fire" tone]
    4. Shimmer [U2]
    5. Lord Purple [Deep Purple]
    6. Mello Flutes [Mellotron, e.g. The Beatles "Strawberry Fields"]
    7. Blimp [Led Zeppelin]
    8. Press Stone [The Beatles "Let It Be"]
    9. Telstar [clavioline]
    A Dry knob sets the dry volume, while the Organ knob sets the volume of the active organ tone. The Mod knob adjusts the speed of the modulation and on certain tones creates a nice Leslie speaker-style rotary organ sound. The Click knob sets the amount of percussive key click as well as modulation depth and upper drawbar volume. Listen to a few samples of the C9 Organ Machines tones and then click here to buy your very own!
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  3. (Re)introducing the WAV Violin

    NS Design WAV 4 violins We are thrilled to reintroduce the NS Design​ WAV violins. WAVs have been off the market for quite some time while NS relocated and retooled production, but now they're back and they're better than ever! With better quality components all around--improved tone and volume pots, more durable chinrest hardware, finer wood, nicer finishes, a higher quality custom case, and now with NS electric strings included--the new WAV violin is the real deal, sporting a professional look and beautiful new tone.
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  4. Electro-Harmonix: Guitarist Tools That Work Great For Strings

    EHTBMThe Electric Violin Shop staff is always on the lookout for tools, devices and technology that suit the strings player, enhance their performance and expand their expressive palette.  Let's face it though--there aren't many purpose-made effects for bowed strings.  Therefore, we spend a lot of time testing guitar technology with electric violins in order to be able to find those that work best and offer them in our catalog, hopefully saving electric violinists lots of time and money having to do the same for themselves! We recently dipped our toes into legendary guitar effects maker Electro-Harmonix's catalog of guitar electronics.  Electro-Harmonix is a New York-based company that makes high-end electronic audio processors.  It is best known for a series of popular guitar effects pedals introduced in the 1970s. The company continues to innovate and makes some really solid, great sounding effects.  We found that the following units, all of which we now offer in our catalog, work great with electric bowed strings and fulfill common needs of many strings players:
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  5. Directional Cable Points The Way To Pristine Tone

    Asterope Pro-series cable review

    If you're a stage or studio musician, you can't spend to much on an excellent cable.  Your cable is the conduit through which your tone passes from your instrument to your amplification equipment and you can't afford to lose the quality or strength of that signal along the way.
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  6. Bridge Tasman Worth Its Weight In Gold

    5-string Bridge Golden Tasman Bridge Golden Tasman 5-string violin
    Is there a market for an electro-acoustic violin in the $4,000 price range? Can any acoustic-electric really be that much better than its $2,000 and under competition? These are two of the questions that initially made us skeptical towards the high-end Golden Tasman electro-acoustics from Bridge Violins in the UK. Having seen, played, heared, photographed and soldl the four-string, five-string, and octave Bridge Golden Tasmans, we can no longer doubt. For anyone who can afford to say that exceptional tone is more important than price the Bridge Golden Tasmans are a fantastic choice.
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  7. Fourness Fuse: A Customer's Review and Testimonial

    by Omar Lopez
    Omar Lopez with Fourness Fuse Omar Lopez with Fourness Fuse
    As someone who swore by the sound and build of my Zeta Jazz Fusion 5-string violin for over ten years, I stayed loyal to Zeta through several years of what seemed to be their most difficult financial times and a lot of turnover within their shop.  I have to admit I was pretty bummed when Zeta closed down, but I first heard about Evan Fourness in October 2010 through a friend on the Fiddle Forum, so I got in touch with him immediately and I'm so happy I did.  Therefore, this review not only talks about the quality and superb craftsmanship of the instrument I purchased, but also of the great experience I had in dealing with Evan and the great customer service and personalized attention he gave me as a buyer of his product.
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  8. New Lightweight CodaBow Luma is Perfect For Alternative Styles

    CodaBow Luma violin bowCodaBow is proud to announce its most recent addition to the CodaBow family of fine performance bows. The CodaBow LUMA bow features specialized performance both timeless and rare. Inspired by the historically remarkable bows of Voirin, Lamy, and Thomassin that possess both light facility and rich tonality, CodaBow’s design team combined the skills of master makers, leading scientists, and professional artists to create this enlightened design.
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  9. Time to upgrade from basic cable


    The little things sometimes make all the difference. Given the number of instrument cables used by a typical band, if you can bring more pleasure to plugging in (literally!), then you’ve got more energy for your musical expression. The new Planet Waves American Stage cables are not only made in the USA, sound great, and are reasonably priced, but also offer one of the nicest in-hand feel of all cables I’ve tried!  The wire is flexible, with a small profile that coils easily, and the Neutrik plugs feel great in your hand. If it was a car, it would combine the feel of a luxury sedan, the handling of a sports car, and the utility of a pickup truck! Here are the technical innovations (designed and made in the USA):
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  10. Staff picks: Susie's "working musician" rig

    Hi – my name is Susie Sneeringer, and I’ve been with Electric Violin Shop for over a year now. I’ve played in a number of bands with various types of amplification for my violins. Needless to say, some have worked better than others! Over the last ten years or so, I’ve gone from playing my acoustic violin outdoors at the San Francisco Ferry building in a bluegrass and old-time band (salt air, I found out, is not great for your acoustic violin) to using a stick-on guitar pickup in a blues band, to using a replacement bridge on my acoustic violin in a local country band. After all of this, it’s such a relief to have instruments – and sound -- that do what I want them to do when I show up for a gig. I play in a fiddle band and a full-blown rock band, and while I’d like to have one of everything in the building here at EVS, this is a reliable setup that works well in most of the medium-sized venues I play with my two bands. It’s like a car that is fun to drive AND gets great mileage.
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  11. Staff Picks: Duncan's dream rig

    Hi--Duncan here, from Electric Violin Shop. I've been with EVS since 2008 and have probably considered every violin we carry my favorite at one time or another. There is so much variety in our line that choosing just one is nearly impossible. However, if forced to decide I would probably own... Violin: 6-string Vector Prodigy Pro with Barbera Twin Hybrid pickup.  Nick Tipney's violins are minimal, almost rustic in their design, yet the lines and shapes have a real elegance about them.  The Vector Prodigy is among the very lightest weight violins on the market and the Barbera Twin Hybrid pickup bridge is agreed by most professionals to be one of the finest sounding transducers available.  Nick has made a few of the 6-strings for us and our customers over the years and I've always enjoyed playing on them, finding the neck width and fingerboard curvature highly navigable considering the extra strings.  And for as great as the Barbera bridge sounds anyway, something about the resonance of the Vector's (Nova Scotia-grown) maple top adds a gorgeous character to the tone.
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  12. The magic of the 'Mini' with the power an 'Artist' needs

    As the old magician's adage goes, you should never perform the same trick twice. In this case, musicians should be thrilled to hear that Fishman has done just that! The new Fishman Loudbox Artist amplifier brings the tone and portability of our best-selling Loudbox Mini to a more professional level. A power increase to 120 watts makes the Artist ready for most of the loud stage volumes a string player will encounter, and gives the cellist more oomph. The natural tone quality can be tweaked to your taste with very functional EQ controls. To go beyond that, a nice variety of effects (including delay and flange) are easy to use, and flexible in assigning different sounds to each channel. Both input channels will accept an instrument or mic input, and phantom power can be switched on if needed. All this in a compact 24 pound box makes the Artist a multi-purpose tool for any performer! The Fishman Loudbox Artist is available and ready to ship today. Add one to your instrument purchase to get the most out of your tone without going over budget!
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  13. The Fourness 'Fuse': reviving and improving a classic violin

    A new independent electric violin maker has arrived on the scene -- Evan Fourness is a highly trained and skilled luthier, having once served as head luthier for ZETA. Since that company's dissolution Evan has applied his knowledge and skills towards creating his own line of instruments and pickups. We now have the first fruits of his labor and are happy to report that the Fourness Fuse clears the bar once set by ZETA with ease! Imagine the classic ZETA Jazz Fusion violin re-interpreted by an individual craftsman with greater attention to detail. Add in upgraded components and reliable service after the sale as well, and you have the new Fourness Fuse violin. All of the components of the Fourness Fuse are newly made from scratch, to a high level of fit, finish and function.
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  14. Real tone, real simple? -- Realist violin

    Realist RV5 Pro

    How quickly could you be gigging amplified? It's not as difficult or time consuming as you might think to go electric, especially if you give us a call for guidance to get you started. Nor do you have to necessarily dive into a flashy solid body instrument. Sometimes acoustic fiddlers just want a simple, reliable way to plug in and be heard, without a lot of hassle. If this is you, consider the Realist series acoustic-electric violins by David Gage String Instruments.

    Electric Violin Shop customer Rick May sent along the following message and video about his recent Realist violin purchase. His experience reinforces what we know about the Realist -- that it is a plug and play solution for amplified strings that sounds great and, unlike many pickups an clip-on mics, requires no difficult installation or expertise whatsoever to use. A Realist shipped with a careful EVS setup can go from out of the box and onto the stage in no time flat! Here's what Rick had to say:

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