How CodaBow's GlobalBow™ technology will permit your CodaBow® to cross any border on the globe

CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) is an international agreement between governments. Its aim is to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival. Due to increased international regulation, shipping or transporting items containing endangered, regulated, or monitored species across international borders can result in delays, fines, and confiscation.  With those species including Ivory, Madagascar Ebony, Tortoise Shell, Pernambuco, Lizard Skin, Whalebone, Mother-of-Pearl (Shell), internationally traveling string musicians may find it difficult to cross borders with their traditional wood bows.

Ebony & Ivory

Ebony logs Ivory bow tip
Ebony wood has long been over-harvested for material use. Traditionally used in bow frogs, it is endangered to the extent that many forestry experts predict that without a concerted effort to create planting programs it could be extinct within 15 years. Ivory has traditionally been used by bow makers to protect the tip of violin bows, supporting the plug that holds the hair into the stick. Most bow makers began substituting ivory from the tusks of long-extinct mammoths after an international treaty was enacted in 1976.  While ivory that was legally acquired before 1976 is still legal to possess, customs officials may not be able to discern the subtle difference between elephant and mammoth ivory or bone.  The burden of proof is placed on the possessor of the item, who risks confiscation and immediate destruction in the absence of proof and a legal permit.

CodaBow's GlobalBow™ materials

globalbow CodaBow graphite diamond weave stick and XEBONY frogs
Since 1993 CodaBow has united the time-honored traditions of bowmaking with the future of advanced materials to pioneer a family of bows unsurpassed in their performance and uncompromising in their beauty.  Now their innovative use of eco-friendly synthetic materials allows you to achieve simpler border crossings. Their bow sticks use a diamond weave of graphite fiber wrapped around a Kevlar core to create a bow stick with a response and tone-drawing capability to rival pernambuco. As the world's most popular and trusted alternative to frog ebony, XEBONY® high-performance composite offers a reliable and attractive solution to the world's endangered ebony supply. Comprised of natural and advanced fibers and engineered resin, XEBONY® boasts a deep, rich luster and natural feel that impresses players and makers alike. CodaBow models featuring GlobalBow technology contain no endangered, regulated or monitored species (wildlife or fauna) and pass freely through international Customs.  Currently all CodaBow models except their French and German 'Revelation' bass bows utilize only GlobalBow™ materials. If you are a musician who performs and travels internationally, consider adding a CodaBow with GlobalBow™ technology to your case. Even if you hang on to your fine wood bow you will find that a CodaBow makes a fantastic backup bow for when your main bow is in the shop, an alternate bow for certain styles or techniques (we're looking at you, col legno!) or maybe just flat out your new favorite everyday bow!

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