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  1. (VIDEO) Acoustic-Electric Violin Pros and Cons

    No matter how nice your acoustic violin is you might be surprised at how much simpler it is to achieve great amplified tone using a purpose-built acoustic-electric instrument as opposed to a pickup. There are several advantages of acoustic-electric violins as compared to using a pickup or in certain amplified settings, as well as some circumstances where an acoustic-electric may not be the optimal tool. In this video Matt outlines some of the pros and cons of acoustic-electric instruments compared to using pickups or solid-body electrics.
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  2. Electric Player's Guide To The 2016 ASTA Conference

    It’s that time of year again, when thousands of string teachers, students, artists and product exhibitors descend on a city to commence the annual American String Teachers Association Nation Conference. This year the location is Tampa, Florida. If you are an electric player in attendance or a teacher interested in incorporating electric instruments and eclectic styles into your program, here are the sessions and exhibitors we recommend at the conference…
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  3. Introducing The Yamaha YEV

    Just introduced at NAMM 2016, Yamaha’s stylish new offering meets entry-level competitors head-on with regard to price point and quality.

    Yamaha YEV-104NT
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  4. The Electric Cello Buying Guide -- 7 Key Shopping Considerations

    Bridge Draco electric cello Bridge Draco cello - Copyright © Bridge Violins


    The selection among solid-body electric cellos is a bit more limited than that of electric violins but cellists nevertheless have several great options to choose from. There are several important factors to consider when shopping for a solid body electric cello, including:

    We will outline these important factors and help you figure out which features are most important for your needs and ultimately narrow your selection to the best cello for your needs and budget.

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  5. Creative Strings Podcast Ep. 13 - Violinist.com founder Laurie Niles

    At the Heart of the violin world, Violinist.com founder Laurie Niles sits down with Christian Howes to discuss the start-up and success of one of the largest communities of violinists across all styles and experience levels. Scroll down to listen in on:Christian and Laurie
    • The exciting early days of the internet and the evolution of violinist.com as a medium
    • Characteristics of violinists and the violin community
    • Bridging the gap and finding common ground between beginners, teachers, elite players…
    • Things that are working in the business of classical music
    • What the classical vs creative violin communities share alike
    • much more
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  6. Listen: 1958 Fender Electric Violin

    Violinist and electric violin historian Ben Heaney (deltaviolin.com) posted a short but very high quality studio recording to YouTube of the original production prototype Fender electric violin from 1958. The recording is an extraction of the violin track from a professional album recording session Heaney played on. Heaney, tells us "in the video you get to hear the instrument through a Fender twin mic'd front, back and overhead ambient. No further processing or EQ but with some verb."
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  7. Creative Strings Podcast Ep 12: Social Media & Entrepreneurship for Musicians with Colin Thomson

    ModernMusician.co‘s Colin Thomson joins Christian Howes to discuss social media and business strategies for musicians. Listen below for straight talk on:
    • How to build an audience across social media platforms
    • Key tips for musicians on Instagram
    • Ways to grow revenue as a musician
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  8. Creative Strings Podcast episode 11: Storytelling, Philosophy, & Old Time Fiddle with Joe McHugh

    At the intersection of story telling, philosophy, and old time fiddle music lives Joe McHugh. Scroll down to take a journey! Listen and discover:
    • How to recognize and employ story telling in everything around us
    • Envisioning silence as a canvas. “It’s all silence”
    • The violin as literary symbol and bridge to other dimensions
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  9. Creative Strings Podcast, Ep 10: 'Young Guns' Discuss Practicing

    Christian sits down with four of the hottest young Creative Strings players to discuss practice techniques, exercises, moving between various fiddle styles, and more.  Listen in with or without your instrument to develop specific practice strategies and gain tons of insights into your own creative musicianship including:
    • Conceptual approaches for practicing and structuring improvisation
    • Tricks for better internalizing harmony
    • Connections between fiddle styles and jazz
    • Tone production across different styles
    • Dexterity exercises
    • Playing faster
    • Rhythmic exercises away from your instrument
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  10. Review: Electro-Harmonix C9 Organ Machine

    A new tool for bowed strings players! The Electro-Harmonix C9 Organ Machine transforms your instrument into a convincing full body, electric organ. If you play in a band without a keyboard player and have been searching a way to cover organ parts with your analog effects, look no further than the C9. The C9 has these nine different classic electric organ tone settings, which consist of various Hammond, Farfisa, Vox, Clavioline and even Mellotron-style tones:
    1. Tone Wheel [classic rock organ w/ chorus]
    2. Prog [prog. rock tone i.e. Emerson Lake and Palmer or Yes]
    3. Compact [The Doors "Light My Fire" tone]
    4. Shimmer [U2]
    5. Lord Purple [Deep Purple]
    6. Mello Flutes [Mellotron, e.g. The Beatles "Strawberry Fields"]
    7. Blimp [Led Zeppelin]
    8. Press Stone [The Beatles "Let It Be"]
    9. Telstar [clavioline]
    A Dry knob sets the dry volume, while the Organ knob sets the volume of the active organ tone. The Mod knob adjusts the speed of the modulation and on certain tones creates a nice Leslie speaker-style rotary organ sound. The Click knob sets the amount of percussive key click as well as modulation depth and upper drawbar volume. Listen to a few samples of the C9 Organ Machines tones and then click here to buy your very own!
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  11. Testimonial: Reina Pascua

    I just bought my daughter's very first violin of her very own from you guys, including a case and bow. I had been a...

    Posted by Reina Pascua on Thursday, July 2, 2015

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  12. Creative Strings Podcast Episode 9: Electric Violin Shop - Getting The Best Amplified String Sound

    In episode 9, our own Duncan Monserud joins Christian to discuss a comprehensive range of topics concerning strings amplification. Among the many topics discussed are:
    • Common misconceptions about electric bowed string instruments (04:00)
    • Different means of amplification and the advantages/disadvantages of each (08:53)
    • Microphones vs. pickups and the different types of both (10:05 - 31:33)
    • Solid-body electric instruments (31:34 - 38:48)
    • Amps, preamps and PA systems (39:48 - 51:35)
    • Effects pedals and multi-effects (51:35 - 55:29)
    • The many uses of phrase looping (55:57 - 1:00:16)
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  13. MIDI Violin Recording & Notation

    Beyond being able to call up any sound or instrument imaginable during live performance, MIDI violin is a highly useful tool for recording and notating music in the studio.

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  14. (Re)introducing the WAV Violin

    NS Design WAV 4 violins We are thrilled to reintroduce the NS Design​ WAV violins. WAVs have been off the market for quite some time while NS relocated and retooled production, but now they're back and they're better than ever! With better quality components all around--improved tone and volume pots, more durable chinrest hardware, finer wood, nicer finishes, a higher quality custom case, and now with NS electric strings included--the new WAV violin is the real deal, sporting a professional look and beautiful new tone.
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  15. How to Reduce Bow Noise [Video]

    In this video Matt uses a pre-recorded electric violin track in Logic Express to demonstrate methods for reducing unwanted bow noise in the recording studio. By applying a high pass filter, the noise of bow changes and bow tracking is greatly reduced. In addition, a low pass filter reduces the high piezo sound. Finally, a generous reverb smooths the violin's tone out nicely in the mix.

    All of the techniques described in the video as being effective for reducing bow noise in the studio will also work in a live setting.

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  16. Using the Roland GR-55 for MIDI Violin Performance & Recording

    **UPDATE** ZETA violins are now compatible with the Roland GR-55 using the ZETA 8-pin to 13-pin MIDI cable (sold separately).

    We get lots of calls and emails about MIDI violins. MIDI options for violins have been around for decades, but were only compatible with synthesizers that are now obsolete and only available on the used market. Also, latency and slower triggering made these MIDI violin systems less than ideal for most performers.

    We are pleased to announce that we now carry two violins that are compatible with a high quality, available and currently produced MIDI synthesizer. The Fourness Fuse, with its newly calibrated 13 pin MIDI jack, and Cantini violins, with their proprietary 8-pin to 13-pin adaptor cable, have passed our in-house testing and are for sale on our site for use with the Roland GR-55 synthesizer.

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  17. Creative Strings Podcast Ep. 8 - How to Get More Gigs as a Performing Musician

    In episode 8, Christian gets down to business--music business that is--in his interview with Tiffany L. Goodman of Goodman Artists. Tiffany has been representing artists in jazz, classical and world music since 2009. Topics covered in this information-packed conversation include:
    • the importance of video in your marketing
    • tips for building a presence with photos, a website, and social media
    • the difference between a manager and agent
    • tips for cold calling and using your network
    • how to develop and maintain an agent-artist relationship
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  18. Creative Strings Podcast Ep. 7 — Conductor Markand Thakar On Achieving Transcendent Musical Performances (Part 2)

    Episode 7 is part two of Christian Howes's interview with conductor Markand Thakar, music director of the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra and co-director of graduate conducting at the Peabody Conservatory. This half of the interview explores more concepts from Thakar’s book Looking for the “Harp” Quartet: An Investigation into Musical Beauty, including:
    • Fundamental elements of totality of the sound
    • Balance, playing in ensembles, tempo, tone
    • Teaching and conducting
    Visit christianhowes.com for further notes, links and information about the topics discussed in this episode, as well as a full listing of the tracks used as musical samples. Visit electricviolinshop.com/creativestrings to receive a special discount for Christian Howes listeners!
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  19. 2015 ASTA National Conference -- Things To See

    It's that time of year again when thousands of string teachers, students, artists and product exhibitors descend on city to commence the yearly American String Teachers Association Nation Conference.  This year the location is Salt Lake City, Utah.  Due to staffing at our shop (two new babies born into the EVS family--congratulations Susie and Ted!) we are unable to be physically present at ASTA this year, however through our good friends among the teachers, presenters and exhibitors we will be there in spirit!  If you are an electric player in attendance or a teacher interested in incorporating electric instruments and eclectic styles into your program, here are some of the events we recommend at the Salt Lake City ASTA conference...
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