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  1. Facebook Review: Alex Marsh

    I can't adequately express how amazed I am at how much information is available on the Electric Violin Shop's page to make sure customers know what they're buying, and that they are getting a good quality product well suited to their needs!

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  2. Testimonial: Deloris Caro

    Dear Chris,

    Thank you so very much for all of your help - my son received his new bow yesterday and was absolutely thrilled!!!  He couldn't wait to play his new electric violin last night!

    I cannot express how impressed we are with your customer service and the assistance you provided to ensure that we had everything taken care of within a timely manner.  We truly appreciate your help and will recommend your shop every chance we get!

    Thanks again and have a fantastic weekend,

    Deloris Caro

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  3. 5 Resolutions and How to Achieve Them in the New Year

    new-years-resolutionIt's that time of year when everyone is setting resolutions and making promises to themselves.  There is no reason you can't keep and achieve your goals in the New Year.  Here are 5 common string player resolutions and how you can go about achieving them this year...

    Resolution #1: Practice more

    Was a lack of practice time or space your excuse for letting practice slide last year? Good news! Solid body instruments allow you practice anywhere, at any time without disturbing others by plugging in headphones. The Yamaha Silent Practice line features headphone practice capability, as does the NS Design CR-series. Other instruments without headphone jacks can still be used in conjunction with an amp or effects unit that does have a headphone jack. Click here to view our full selection of silent practice instruments! If you already have an electric (or a pickup) and amp, effects can be a great way to spice up practice. Those tedious scales, arpeggios and etudes become heavy metal solos when played through a distortion effect! Click here to shop effects processors and stompbox pedals.
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  4. Holiday Savings From Christian Howes Online Store

    Christian HowesJazz violinist and educator Christian Howes has graciously extended holiday discount specials to customers of Electric Violin Shop! Take 50% off instructional items in the Creative Strings Shop this month! (Starting as low as $1, these make perfect stocking stuffers for musicians) Get deals on summer camp tuition, our home study course, fun string ensemble charts, and more!
    Use coupon code "DECEMBER" right before checking out to receive your savings on scores, instructional courses, ebooks, and more: Visit the Creative Strings Shop here.
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  5. The Electric Violin Buying Guide

    Electric Violin Buying Guide

    Choosing an electric violin from the many available models can seem like a daunting decision-making process. There is a huge range of prices, shapes, colors and features that can be enough to make anyone’s head spin! Not to worry…Electric Violin Shop is here to radically simplify your choice by showing you how to narrow down your selection based these key considerations:

    By addressing this handful of considerations one by one, you can quickly narrow the selection of electric violins to a small number of instruments that fit all of your requirements. We are always available to assist you along the way and can be contacted at 866-900-8400 or by email at info@electricviolinshop.com.

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  6. "We Are Hope" Virtual Concert Celebrates Music Education

    The MuzArt World Foundation has invited Mark Wood to be the host and featured artist for a huge concert event called “We Are Hope” to celebrate music education and we’re putting out the call to electric and acoustic violins, violas, cellos, and basses to be part of the world’s first virtual symphony orchestra.
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  7. Neyveli S. Radhakrishna & the Double Violin

    Radha with his Jordan double-neck violin Radha at Electric Violin Shop
    Indian Carnatic violinist Neyveli S. Radhakrishna, who goes by 'Radha', paid a visit to our shop in advance of a performance in nearby Raleigh, NC, bringing with him his own favored instrument, one of the most unusual electric violins ever made.  Radha, who was inspired by L. Shankar's similar instrument, commissioned John Jordan a double neck electric violin.
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  8. Photogenic: 3 customers show off their new pride and joy

    We love it when customers let us know how they're liking their purchases, and even better still when the send photographs! This week alone we've had three lovely ladies send pictures and kind words of thanks...
    "Here's a photo from the Shamrocked Festival in Murrieta , California! Love my new Stratton [Skull] five string fiddle!" --Cathy Alonzo
    Cathy Alonzo with Stratton Skull
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  9. Testimonial: Satisfied Viper Owner

    It is EVS's pleasure to conducting business around the globe, but providing advice and great customer service across time zones can be quite challenging!  Here's a great note we received from Francois Loiselle, a satisfied Viper customer:
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  10. **Calling All Recording Artists**

    We Want Your Original TuneHave you recorded original songs that feature electric violin, viola, cello or upright bass?  Do you want free exposure for your band or solo act?  If you answered yes to both, then it's time to send us your favorite original track to be used as background music in an Electric Violin Shop YouTube product review or promotional video.  There will be many upcoming videos and, therefore, many opportunities to have your track selected!
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  11. Electric Performance Rig Expert Fantasy Mock Draft

    Football season is about to kick off and with it the fantasy football season. We at Electric Violin Shop asked ourselves, "Why should sports fans have all the fun?!" We got together and decided to build our fantasy performance gear rigs by selecting pieces of equipment in pre-determined order, à la fantasy football drafts. Each staff member's rig had to include an instrument, amplifier, effects pedal and bow (an exception was made for the upright bass rig), and a final slot in each rig was designated a "flex" item...in other words, player's choice. We cut cards to determine picking order and proceeded to draft in serpentine fashion (first to pick in Round 1 is the last to pick in Round 2, etc.). So, without further ado, here are the results of our expert mock draft (continue reading below for our experts' post-draft breakdowns)...
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  12. Directional Cable Points The Way To Pristine Tone

    Asterope Pro-series cable review

    If you're a stage or studio musician, you can't spend to much on an excellent cable.  Your cable is the conduit through which your tone passes from your instrument to your amplification equipment and you can't afford to lose the quality or strength of that signal along the way.
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  13. Transitioning From a 4-string to a 5-string Violin (and Back)

    by Susie Sneeringer
    A 5th string extends the Violins range downward to the Viola's low C.
    One of the most common questions we get at Electric Violin Shop is “what do you think about 5-string violins? If I’ve played a 4-string all my life, would you recommend it?” This is a tough one, since every player will come to an instrument with a different set of skills and preferences. Though 5-string violins have been around for a long time, we’ve seen interest and popularity increase over the last few years. For reference, I’m a classically trained violinist and fiddle player, and I play both a 4-string and a 5-string violin in two local bands. I’ve put together a list of common 5-string topics to consider if you’re thinking about making the leap.

    Who may want/need a C string on a violin?

    • Violinists or fiddlers who also love the low, rich tone of the viola C string.
    • Violists who are also comfortable with the violin scale length, and want to keep that C string and add the brighter flavor of a violin E string to their playing.
    • Teachers / instructors may want a violin and viola on hand to play certain passages for their students.  A 5-string enables one to play violin, viola, and even cello parts (an octave higher than written).
    • If you like to improvise in any musical style, whether it’s bluegrass, jazz, hip-hop or rock, and wish you had a little bit more range to do so. You can also surprise the guitar or piano players that you might be trading licks with!
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  14. Gear up for Father's Day!

    Father's Day discounts from Electric Violin Shop Time to gear up for Father's Day...literally! Through Sunday we're offering $20 off orders of $200 or more* plus free shipping on orders of $50 or more** on our site so you can save on gear for Dad. Simply add items to your cart and discounts will be calculated automatically based on your order subtotal. *'$20 off $200 or more' offer cannot be combined with other offers, discounts or coupons. Offer excludes Packages, Bose L1 products, Fourness Fuse and Stratton Skull violins, and all products from the Clearance, On Sale, Used, Collectible and B-stock categories. **Free shipping over $50 offer excludes Powerwerks products.
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  15. Video: Thomas Jenkins plays Jordan violin through a Talk Box effect!

    thomas jenkins
      Thomas Jenkins has been a customer of ours for the better part of a decade now! Not only is he an amazing player and a genuinely nice guy, from our perspective, he’s practically our ideal customer. He came to us when he was first starting his electric violin journey, then kept in touch with us, kept abreast of the field, and consistently updated both his knowledge and his equipment. He traded his Fender for an NS Design CR-4; tried a six-string fretted Viper; bought an Acoustic Image Ten2 and extension cabinet — as his needs as a musician grew and changed, he came back to us, and we put the gear he needed in his hands at each stage of his musical journey. Thomas loves the nuanced sound of his acoustic, but realizes that the electric violin is a different tool for a different purpose, and doesn’t hesitate to reach for that tool when it’s what his music needs. He’s always willing and eager to try out what’s new; his latest axe is Jordan electric violin with the StringAmp magnetic pickup system. Even as he embraces the acoustic sound of traditional fiddling styles, he’s out there on the edge, experimenting with talk-boxes and effects — looking for the next place the electric violin will take him.

    **Update** (9/23/2013)

    Thomas recently won the Louisiana State Fiddle Championship (on acoustic fiddle)! Click here to read more about his championship run.
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  16. Props on 'Fiddle Hangout' from A(nother) Satisfied EVS Customer

    EVS customer Frank M. recently posted an extremely helpful review of his Black Bridge Aquila on the Fiddle Hangout forum. At the end of his review he had the following words to say about our shop's service:
    If you're interested in trying a Bridge instrument, I'd heartily recommend the folks at the EVS (Electric Violin Shop: http://www.electricviolinshop.com) in North Carolina. They were a huge help to me, and answered my many questions with much patience!
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  17. Bridge Tasman Worth Its Weight In Gold

    5-string Bridge Golden Tasman Bridge Golden Tasman 5-string violin
    Is there a market for an electro-acoustic violin in the $4,000 price range? Can any acoustic-electric really be that much better than its $2,000 and under competition? These are two of the questions that initially made us skeptical towards the high-end Golden Tasman electro-acoustics from Bridge Violins in the UK. Having seen, played, heared, photographed and soldl the four-string, five-string, and octave Bridge Golden Tasmans, we can no longer doubt. For anyone who can afford to say that exceptional tone is more important than price the Bridge Golden Tasmans are a fantastic choice.
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  18. Memorial Day Savings 2013

    Memorial Day SaleThis weekend through Memorial Day, Monday, May 27, get $20 off orders of $200 or more and $50 off orders of $500 or more!  Simply add items to your cart and discounts will be calculated automatically based on your order subtotal. *This offer cannot be combined with other offers, discounts or coupons.  Offer excludes Packages, Bose L1 products, Fourness Fuse and Stratton Skull violins, and all products from the Clearance, On Sale, Used, Collectible and B-stock categories.
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  19. Fourness Fuse: A Customer's Review and Testimonial

    by Omar Lopez
    Omar Lopez with Fourness Fuse Omar Lopez with Fourness Fuse
    As someone who swore by the sound and build of my Zeta Jazz Fusion 5-string violin for over ten years, I stayed loyal to Zeta through several years of what seemed to be their most difficult financial times and a lot of turnover within their shop.  I have to admit I was pretty bummed when Zeta closed down, but I first heard about Evan Fourness in October 2010 through a friend on the Fiddle Forum, so I got in touch with him immediately and I'm so happy I did.  Therefore, this review not only talks about the quality and superb craftsmanship of the instrument I purchased, but also of the great experience I had in dealing with Evan and the great customer service and personalized attention he gave me as a buyer of his product.
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  20. Testimonial: Diego Donoso

    Thank you Chris Guin , your service and dedication was amazing , although you did not have the violin at the time of the order you went the extra mile and found one in less than 24 hours , my son received the Realist RV-5 Pro Electro violin for my sons concert, I really appreciate your help, I will be more than happy to refer you to friends and family .
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