1. How to Intonate a Fretted Instrument

    String players are used to intonating their pitch by ear relative to other pitches they are playing, however when you take up a fretted instrument, pitch becomes absolute.  This takes the guess work out of finger placement on the fingerboard, but without properly intonating, you'll find even well-tuned open strings impossible to play in tune on across strings and up the fingerboard!
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  2. Sound Design Tips for School Orchestras

    developed by Scott Laird and Julie Lyonn Lieberman for the Bollywood Strings Project

    I. Sound design for acoustic orchestra with electric violin (step by step instructions) II. Sound design for acoustic orchestra and audio accompaniment III. Special Effects IV. Glossary of Terms

    For these setups, you will need some or all of the following equipment:
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  3. Shop visit: Dale Day of '13 to the Gallows'

    We want to thank Dale for his visit to our shop all the way from Scottsdale, AZ! Dale fell in love with the Vector Prodigy violin. http://youtu.be/2qQ9yesqGus
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  4. Announcing the New 'Acoustic Image Flex' System

    Every time I drive the 12 miles over to the Acoustic Image headquarters to pick up a new amp, Rick Jones talks about his latest ideas, and sometimes shows me his prototypes. I really appreciate his enthusiasm, and marvel at his seemingly endless quest to improve an already marvelous product line, yet sometimes he swears me to secrecy. I’ve known of his remote preamp idea for over a year now, and can finally talk about it – but still could not take photos. There are actually two distinct parts of the new Acoustic Image Flex System – a remote preamp and a powered speaker cabinet. This will give even more flexibility to players who already have powered speakers, or go direct to a PA system.
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  5. EVS Sponsors SAGWA Strings Festival & ROCKTACULAR©

    We are proud to offer our support this year to the Suzuki Association of the Greater Washington Area String Festival! This year the festival features a new program called ROCKTACULAR©, put together by EVS customer and member of the rock violin duo The Dueling Fiddlers Russell Fallstad and his co-clinician, cellist Rodney Farrar. The two will collaborate to bring students an integration of pop music culture and classical. The ROCKTACULAR© program will use familiar Suzuki repertoire to explore new ideas and possibilities in string playing.
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  6. How to Use Looping and Loop Pedals to Practice, Perform, Teach and Improve Musicianship

    Christian Howes by Christian Howes (re-blogged with permission -- click here to view original post)

    Music tip – “How To Use Looping and Loop Pedals”

    Creative Strings Academy - Learn improv and try a FREE one month trialI received a question...from a Creative Strings Academy member about “how to use looping and loop pedals” to practice and develop more music in his life. Here is his question and my answer below: “I was wondering if a looper of some kind could help fill in the gaps for me as a bassist. As I understand it, I see you building tunes for the ground up. You lay down a bass track, then some comping and maybe some harmony and then practice jammin’ with the loops. Can you do that with jazz standards as well? Thanks again for the inspiration and ideas. I know I would need some kind of bass pick up and…?” My (short) answer:
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  7. EVS at ASTA National Conference 2013 -- Providence, RI

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