Rockstar Violinist Podcast episode 4 with cellist Tina Guo

Tina Guo is an internationally acclaimed and Grammy-nominated virtuoso cellist, recording artist, and composer. With a multi-faceted career and mastery in a wide range of genres, her passion for musical exploration, artistic expression, and technology are expressed through live performance and visual media. Tina can also be heard as a featured soloist in many Blockbuster Film, Television, and Game scores.

Tina is a Yamaha artist and performs on an SVC-210 electric cello. You can hear her music, watch her amazing videos, buy her albums and more at Follow Tina on Instagram (@tinaguocello), Facebook and YouTube.

Since this is a cellist edition of Rockstar Violinist' our friend Shana Tucker conducted the interview with Ms. Guo. Below are timestamps for the broad range of topics covered in this great interview!

0:00Intro: 'Forbidden City' by Tina Guo from her album Cello Metal
2:40Growing up in a musical household and fitting in with the cello
4:34Breaking out of classical and evolving into an electric player over time to meet the needs of her gigs.
11:34Tina's electric cello, plus her own line of acoustic instruments and colorful bows.
18:05Acoustic vs. Electric cello: "It's not about the notes, it's about the attitude, it's about the feeling, about the energy that you're tapping into."
23:38Amp experimentation
25:47Music: 'SkyRim' by Tina Guo from her album Game On!
27:28Being a woman in the recording/performing music industry.
35:15Building a following, expressing yourself and keeping it real on social media./td>
40:57Music: 'Metal Gear Solid' by Tina Buo from her album Game On!
42:30Talent vs. work ethic
44:18Leaving school to start her career and her parents' reaction to Tina's non-classical musical success
47:34The expressive advantages and difficulties of playing the cello while standing
50:18On composing her own music vs. working on collaborative composition projects
54:47Wonder Woman film project and touring with Hans Zimmer
57:16Advice for acoustic cellists looking to go electric
1:00:23Outro music: 'Genesis Rising' by Tina Guo from her album Ray of Light

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