Just introduced at NAMM 2016, Yamaha’s stylish new offering meets entry-level competitors head-on with regard to price point and quality.

Yamaha YEV-104NT [gallery columns="4" ids="2645,2651,2658,2646"]   Available in 4-string ($595) and 5-string ($649) models and 'natural' or black color options, the Yamaha YEV electric violins are lightweight and attractive. The YEV’s passive electronics (no preamp or battery) produce a natural and resonant sound as rich and organic as the instrument’s natural look. The YEV’s light weight, excellent ergonomics, and the fact that it accommodates most standard shoulder rests make playing this violin comfortable and familiar.  

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  For the YEV, Yamaha departed from the plastic violin silhouette of the familiar SILENT Violin models with a design that is highlighted by a third-position indicator made of rosewood, and a curved walnut lower bout that is elegant, lightweight, and strong. That swooping, graceful arch contrasts with the clean, straight lines of the YEV’s spruce central spine and maple top, emphasized by twin parallel inlays of mahogany, while the curving, graceful arches of its walnut lower bout structure imply a mobius strip. [gallery columns="4" ids="2652,2648,2649,2650"]   Although the YEV doesn’t have as many features as the Yamaha SV-130, the simplicity of its design — and the inherent reliability and serviceability that goes along with it — have us very excited to offer the YEV not only as a low-cost option for violinists looking for a beautiful and great-playing electric, but also for seasoned players who need an outstanding partner for performing. We are floored by the look and feel of this instrument, by its exceptional build quality, and by its warm, powerful tone. Once you’ve seen it in person, held it, and played it, you’d expect the YEV to be much more expensive than it is. Bold and refined, Yamaha’s new YEV electric violin is a lightweight, elegant instrument informed by a mature aesthetic as natural and organic as its resonant tone.