As the old magician's adage goes, you should never perform the same trick twice. In this case, musicians should be thrilled to hear that Fishman has done just that! The new Fishman Loudbox Artist amplifier brings the tone and portability of our best-selling Loudbox Mini to a more professional level. A power increase to 120 watts makes the Artist ready for most of the loud stage volumes a string player will encounter, and gives the cellist more oomph. The natural tone quality can be tweaked to your taste with very functional EQ controls. To go beyond that, a nice variety of effects (including delay and flange) are easy to use, and flexible in assigning different sounds to each channel. Both input channels will accept an instrument or mic input, and phantom power can be switched on if needed. All this in a compact 24 pound box makes the Artist a multi-purpose tool for any performer! The Fishman Loudbox Artist is available and ready to ship today. Add one to your instrument purchase to get the most out of your tone without going over budget!