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  1. (VIDEO) Acoustic-Electric Violin Pros and Cons

    No matter how nice your acoustic violin is you might be surprised at how much simpler it is to achieve great amplified tone using a purpose-built acoustic-electric instrument as opposed to a pickup. There are several advantages of acoustic-electric violins as compared to using a pickup or in certain amplified settings, as well as some circumstances where an acoustic-electric may not be the optimal tool. In this video Matt outlines some of the pros and cons of acoustic-electric instruments compared to using pickups or solid-body electrics.
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  2. Bridge Tasman Worth Its Weight In Gold

    5-string Bridge Golden Tasman Bridge Golden Tasman 5-string violin
    Is there a market for an electro-acoustic violin in the $4,000 price range? Can any acoustic-electric really be that much better than its $2,000 and under competition? These are two of the questions that initially made us skeptical towards the high-end Golden Tasman electro-acoustics from Bridge Violins in the UK. Having seen, played, heared, photographed and soldl the four-string, five-string, and octave Bridge Golden Tasmans, we can no longer doubt. For anyone who can afford to say that exceptional tone is more important than price the Bridge Golden Tasmans are a fantastic choice.
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