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  1. Listen: 1958 Fender Electric Violin

    Violinist and electric violin historian Ben Heaney (deltaviolin.com) posted a short but very high quality studio recording to YouTube of the original production prototype Fender electric violin from 1958. The recording is an extraction of the violin track from a professional album recording session Heaney played on. Heaney, tells us "in the video you get to hear the instrument through a Fender twin mic'd front, back and overhead ambient. No further processing or EQ but with some verb."
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  2. How to Reduce Bow Noise [Video]

    In this video Matt uses a pre-recorded electric violin track in Logic Express to demonstrate methods for reducing unwanted bow noise in the recording studio. By applying a high pass filter, the noise of bow changes and bow tracking is greatly reduced. In addition, a low pass filter reduces the high piezo sound. Finally, a generous reverb smooths the violin's tone out nicely in the mix.

    All of the techniques described in the video as being effective for reducing bow noise in the studio will also work in a live setting.

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  3. The Electric Violin Buying Guide

    Electric Violin Buying Guide

    Choosing an electric violin from the many available models can seem like a daunting decision-making process. There is a huge range of prices, shapes, colors and features that can be enough to make anyone’s head spin! Not to worry…Electric Violin Shop is here to radically simplify your choice by showing you how to narrow down your selection based these key considerations:

    By addressing this handful of considerations one by one, you can quickly narrow the selection of electric violins to a small number of instruments that fit all of your requirements. We are always available to assist you along the way and can be contacted at 866-900-8400 or by email at info@electricviolinshop.com.

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