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  1. Rockstar Violinist Episode 2: Evan Garr

    Rockstar Violinist podcast episode 2: Evan Garr interview

    Evan Garr is an up and coming jazz violinist currently touring with legendary jazz fusion and Latin jazz guitarist Al Di Meola. Hailing from Detroit, Evan was discovered at a young age and has spent years perfecting his technical sound and unique style. Evan also writes, performs and records his own music. Enjoy this interview and be sure visit to hear more of Evan's music.

    0:00Music: “Race with the Devil” Al Di Meola w/Evan Garr
    2:48On his musical upbringing and moving from classical into jazz
    8:29Getting into instrument building
    9:53Evan’s current electric violin
    11:34Early gigs (Norman Connors)
    13:30Music: “A New Beginning” from The Chill Out Album, Evan Garr
    15:29How Evan landed a gig with Al Di Meola
    21:26Evan’s rhythm “guitar” and bowing techniques
    26:30Music: “Play Time” - from The Chill Out Album - Evan Garr
    28:50Playing with Jean-Luc Ponty
    29:54On how he learns jazz lines by ear
    32:59Evan’s practice routine
    34:46Looking ahead to new career opportunities
    37:52Music: 313 - The Live Experience featuring Evan Garr
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  2. Using the Roland GR-55 for MIDI Violin Performance & Recording

    **UPDATE** ZETA violins are now compatible with the Roland GR-55 using the ZETA 8-pin to 13-pin MIDI cable (sold separately).

    We get lots of calls and emails about MIDI violins. MIDI options for violins have been around for decades, but were only compatible with synthesizers that are now obsolete and only available on the used market. Also, latency and slower triggering made these MIDI violin systems less than ideal for most performers.

    We are pleased to announce that we now carry two violins that are compatible with a high quality, available and currently produced MIDI synthesizer. The Fourness Fuse, with its newly calibrated 13 pin MIDI jack, and Cantini violins, with their proprietary 8-pin to 13-pin adaptor cable, have passed our in-house testing and are for sale on our site for use with the Roland GR-55 synthesizer.

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  3. Fourness Fuse: A Customer's Review and Testimonial

    by Omar Lopez
    Omar Lopez with Fourness Fuse Omar Lopez with Fourness Fuse
    As someone who swore by the sound and build of my Zeta Jazz Fusion 5-string violin for over ten years, I stayed loyal to Zeta through several years of what seemed to be their most difficult financial times and a lot of turnover within their shop.  I have to admit I was pretty bummed when Zeta closed down, but I first heard about Evan Fourness in October 2010 through a friend on the Fiddle Forum, so I got in touch with him immediately and I'm so happy I did.  Therefore, this review not only talks about the quality and superb craftsmanship of the instrument I purchased, but also of the great experience I had in dealing with Evan and the great customer service and personalized attention he gave me as a buyer of his product.
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