Matt Bell

  1. FCTR: Gig Etiquette and Cable Coiling

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  2. FCTR: Connecting to Sound Board or PA

    Signal Chain

    Signal chain is the path that the signal takes from your instrument to speaker (where it's heard by an audience) or sound board (where it's mixed with the signals from other instruments before being amplified to an audience). Your signal chain can become long and complex as you add in multiple effects and preamps but the the basis of any signal chain for a musician using a PA is:

    1/4" In from instrument > DI box > XLR Out to soundboard

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  3. How to Reduce Bow Noise [Video]

    In this video Matt uses a pre-recorded electric violin track in Logic Express to demonstrate methods for reducing unwanted bow noise in the recording studio. By applying a high pass filter, the noise of bow changes and bow tracking is greatly reduced. In addition, a low pass filter reduces the high piezo sound. Finally, a generous reverb smooths the violin's tone out nicely in the mix.

    All of the techniques described in the video as being effective for reducing bow noise in the studio will also work in a live setting.

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