Bose L1® Line Array Systems

Bose L1® Model II single bass
w/ ToneMatch engine

How would you like to simplify your performing, be good to your back, and take care of your hearing also?

Conventional PA systems with stage monitors take careful skill to produce a good sound, and are heavy to transport. The Bose L1® Line Array system offers light weight, easy setup and sonic dispersion unlike any other speaker on the market. To an electric or acoustic violin player, this means being heard easily and clearly without bulky equipment or spending lots of time with a sound person at a huge mixing board. Sound quality is clear and accurate, and stays that way far into your audience. Read the story below for one example.

Blaise's notes from the field

"On the front lawn of Weaver Street Market during the Carrboro Music Festival, I heard a country swing band using one Bose L1® portable line array system on each side of the musicians. They had no instrument amplifiers or monitor speakers, they just positioned each Bose tower so they could hear themselves and project the sound out to the audience. Even close to the musicians, the Bose L1® speaker was not too loud, as I expected. My surprise came as I walked away. At 50 feet the sound was still clear, and virtually the same volume. As I picked my way through people on blankets and folding chairs, past kids, dogs and Frisbee players, I stopped about 200 feet away in front of a fountain. There I was shocked to still hear the L1® speakers clearly, and only a little bit quieter (this is with traffic noise and low hanging tree branches too!).

A couple of hours later I returned to the same lawn to find a much larger PA set up for a different band, with 2 stacks of huge speaker cabinets and wedge monitors. At 50 feet the sound was noticeably quieter than in front of the band, and already muddy. It was hard to make out the details of what I know is a great Latin band. Back at the fountain, the sound was weak and very muddy, and was really just faint background music for the people there."

* * *

It seems as if the Bose engineers have figured out how to repeal the laws of physics! The volume of sound diminishes as the distance from the source increases - sound twice as far away should sound 1/4th as loud. So how does the Bose tower speaker do the impossible? No idea, but it sure simplifies life for any performer in any venue!

Electric Violin Shop keeps all three of the Bose L1® systems in stock. If you're in the Triangle area, stop by our Durham show room to try out the L1® Compact, L1® Model I, and L1® Model II line array systems. We are so excited about being able to offer this innovative Bose tower speaker system to string players, from solo players, to duos and especially, to string quartets. Players of electric and acoustic instruments with pickups will benefit from ease of transport and setup, crystal clear tone, and volume much kinder to your ears. This is true for violin, viola, cello, bass, guitar, mandolin, banjo, vocals too. One or two L1's should be all that is required to provide suitable sound for small and medium size venues. A sound person is not needed (!) - each musician hears themselves and the mix clearly, just like playing without amplification.

The original Bose L1® portable line array system, now known as the Bose L1® Model I, is the most economical way to experience the miracle of the Bose Articulated Array speaker system. It has two instrument/mic inputs, plus a third and fourth channel for line in (like an iPod).

The Bose L1® Model II offers a much more compact and lighter power stand base. This makes it much easier to carry around. Since the crossover frequency was raised to let the included Bose B1® bass module do more of the work, the speaker tower needs the B1 to reproduce the full frequency range. Only one instrument/mic input is provided. Most players add the Bose T1 Tone Match audio engine also, or a separate mixer.

For the solo performer, singer/guitarist, or any musician playing primarily smaller venues, the Bose L1® Compact is, as the name suggests, a smaller, less expensive option that will nontheless provide the same great sound quality as it's larger cousins.  The Compact can be used literally as a two-channel amp sitting on stage or on a chair beside you, or has tower pieces that can be added to get your speakers up above the fray for farther projection.


The Bose T1® ToneMatch audio engine functions as a studio quality preamp, mixer, equalizer, effects processor and computer interface, all in one tiny unit which attaches to the side of the L1 speaker tower, or to a mic stand. Three instrument/mic inputs plus two line inputs are linked to the power stand with one digital cable, for a simple and clean look on stage. The Bose T1 audio engine also features the Bose zEQ technology for precise tweaking of your sound. If the included presets aren't enough, you can download others online or invent and save your own. We particularly like the Electric Violin preset, which warms your solid body instrument to sound more like an acoustic violin!

The Bose B1® bass module packs the low frequency punch to complement clarity of the Bose speaker tower. Although one Bose bass module is enough for most bowed string ensembles, up to 4 can be chained together if you really want to feel the bass!

Call now so we can advise you on the best way to simplify your performing life!

Paulo and Blaise paying at Chamas Brazilian Steakhouse in 08-10-2008

Paulo and Blaise playing at Chamas Brazilian steakhouse. Note how well the Bose L1® blends into the decor!