Bose L1® model II system – Double B1 Bass Package

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The Bose L1 portable line array system combines clear accurate sound with small size, and is easy to set up. The Bose L1 Model II has a much more compact base footprint than the L1 Model I, and this package includes two B1 bass modules, providing additional low frequency support for cello or bass players and even DJ's!

The Bose L1 Model II speaker system is a perfect match for violinists and other string players who are picky about the sound their audience hears - and that they hear too! No instrument amp is needed, and no stage monitors either! This simplifies carrying and setting up for a gig. You also play more relaxed because you can hear yourself clearly AND rest assured that the audience hears exactly what you do! Imagine a gig and not asking your friends afterwards, "How did we sound?" This Bose L1 Model II double bass package includes the Bose Articulated Array speaker tower (7 feet tall, comes in two sections), which projects your tone far into most venues with almost no loss of volume over distance! They interlock with the power stand base, which has retractable feet for ease of carrying. The additional B1 bass module fattens up your lower frequencies, and even sounds good with cello and upright bass. Includes heavily padded gig bags for the tower speaker, the power stand base and the B1 bass modules. *Free shipping offer applies only to UPS ground shipping within the lower 48 United States.

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