Boyd Tinsley of Dave Matthews Band

Since the mid-1990's, Boyd Tinsley of the Dave Matthews Band has been arguably the most prominent electric violinist on the planet. During that time, Boyd mostly played Zeta violins, which he got direct from the maker. Zeta even produced and marketed the Boyd Tinsley signature model, putting him in exclusive company with Jean-Luc Ponty.

Gearing up for the band's 2009 tour, Boyd wanted to diversify his sound and explore some of the many other options now available on the electric violin market. Erik Porter, the equipment manager for Dave Matthews Band, contacted Electric Violin Shop in early 2009. We sent Boyd six violins to try. He ultimately selected two makes, MSI and Jordan (with the StringAmp pickup system) to play on the band's 2009 tour.  He and the band seem pleased with Boyd's new sound as he continues to tour with both the MSI and Jordan violins and has since ordered more!

The highlight of our working with Boyd was in being generously comped passes to the Dave Matthews Band concert in Raleigh on April 22, 2009. Boyd performed on the lacewood MSI that we had sent him a few months earlier. The band kept their energy and the crowd's up for the entire nearly 3-hour set in an extraordinarily musical and enjoyable concert. We had a blast...thanks, Boyd!