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The Bridge Aquila violin features a hollow body made of a carbon fiber and Kevlar composite. The enclosed air resonates to provide a rich amplified violin sound while maintaining the strength and durability of a solid body instrument. This Bridge Aquila has some minor finish flaws that allow us to offer it at an amazing reduced price--$300 off!

On this violin, there are a few minor finish flaws (subtle color variations) on the black fingerboard of the instrument which are not visible from more than 2 or 3 feet away. The Bridge Aquila violin will hold your traditional shoulder pad, yet the body is anything but traditional. It is molded from a composite of carbon fiber and Kevlar, is not much heavier than an acoustic violin, and is incredibly strong. (Don't try this at home, but Bridge once hit one of their basses with a sledgehammer without breaking it!) Power for the active preamp is supplied by a single 3V lithium coin-cell battery, which weighs virtually nothing, yet will last for approximately 1,000 hours of playing time. The Bridge Aquila violin comes with an oblong hard case, Pirastro Tonica or Dominant strings and a carbon composite bow. Price includes our free shop adjustment.

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Wireless Compatibility Line 6 Relay G10, Line 6 Relay G30
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