Bridge Aquila Dragon custom model, Copper Pearl

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This Dragon Aquila from Bridge Instruments, UK is finished in a shimmering copper pearl custom color, a truly striking metallic shade. The Dragons are Bridge's "hi-spec" custom models, equipped with Wittner Finetune geared pegs and upgraded electronics that use two coin-cell batteries. We found the instrument's tone better balanced across the instrument's range than the standard Aquila, with a noticeably stronger output and more brilliance on the high strings, without treble harshness.

This "hi-spec" custom Bridge Aquila Dragon is finished in a shimmery, reflective copper pearl custom color. The metallic and mica flakes mixed in with the color give this instrument a lustrous appearance and a wonderful depth of color. In indoor (especially fluorescent) lighting, this violin can look pale orange or apricot, but in direct sunlight, or under bright stage lights, the copper pearl really catches fire.

The body is hollow, molded from a kevlar and carbon fibre composite giving a high strength to weight ratio. The hollow body generates a sound profile within the body structure presenting an open sound without the use of reverb or delay. It is smooth and forgiving when played and allows low volume practise without the use of headphones or amps. Highly stable across temperature and humidity ranges.

The headstock was inspired by a Stradivari 1701 Viola da Gamba and modified to the modern sized peg box has become the trademark of the Bridge instruments.


  • Wittner Finetune pegs give a smooth, stable tuning action.
  • Ebony fingerboard and nut
  • Wittner lightweight alloy tailpiece fitted with integral tuners.
  • Active Circuitry
  • Volume and tone controls. The tone control is a tilt control, not a boost/cut control, changing the tonal range of the instrument.
  • Custom hard shell case and carbon composite bow included
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Wireless Compatibility Line 6 Relay G10, Line 6 Relay G30
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