Bridge Draco electric cello, red/black

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The Draco cello is made of a carbon fiber/Kevlar® composite, with a semi hollow-body design that preserves all the physical reference points of an acoustic cello. Curvy and sexy, this is cello sounds as amazing as it looks. This cello has a pearlescent red metallic finish, darkening to black at the edges of the body.
Sinuous and bold, the lines of the Draco cello beg to be stared at. This is a cello that feels like "home" to a classical player, while envisioning the idea of an electric cello that's as much an art object as it is a cellist's cello. Designed by Bridge instruments in the UK, the Draco cello is an amazingly affordable, great-sounding electric cello has all the traditional reference points of your acoustic instrument, but looks sleek and modern enough for any amplified setting. The body is molded from a carbon fiber/Kevlar® composite that provides amazing durability for the traveling cellist. The sinuous, modern shape of the Draco manages to look radical while feeling quite natural to classically-trained cellist -- all of the physical reference points of the acoustic cello are preserved. The Bridge Draco cello looks every bit as good as it sounds! The semi-hollow design gives the Draco some acoustic resonance, and the built-in preamp gives you volume and tone controls on-board. Dark, rich tones accurately recreate the range of the cello, with just a bit of edginess to remind you that this is an electric cello.
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Wireless Compatibility Line 6 Relay G10, Line 6 Relay G30
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