Bridge Dragon Deep Emerald Green Pearl custom electric cello

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The custom, hi-spec Bridge Dragon cello has a stronger, richer output than the standard 'Draco' models made in the Far East, with better balance across the instrument's range. We ordered this Bridge Dragon cello in this incredible deep, rich shade of green that shimmers with the light, from mica and metallic flakes mixed into the color. It's truly a stunning color, that really highlights the curvy, sinuous shape of the design.
Sinuous and bold, the lines of the Draco cello beg to be stared at. This is a cello that feels like "home" to a classical player, while envisioning the idea of an electric cello that's as much an art object as it is a cellist's cello. Custom-finished in Deep Emerald Green Pearl, the curvy, serpentine form of Bridge's electric cello is transformed into a stunning tableaux of rich, saturated green, lit from within by shimmering mica and metallic flakes that are mixed into the color. Designed by Bridge instruments in the UK, their regular Draco cello, made in the Far East, is an amazingly affordable, great-sounding electric cello has all the traditional reference points of your acoustic instrument, but looks sleek and modern enough for any amplified setting. This Bridge Dragon electric cello gives you all of the comfort and familiarity of the regular cello, but boasts an upgrade to the electronics which hot-rods the amplified output of the instrument, increasing its richness and volume while improving the cello's balance across the instrument's range. If the improvements in tone aren't enough to sway you, the Bridge Dragon cello also has Wittner Finetune pegs installed, making tuning almost effortless. This is a big bonus on the Dragon violin models, but is even more useful on the cello, where traditional friction pegs can make tuning extremely difficult. The body is molded from a carbon fiber/Kevlar® composite that provides amazing durability for the traveling cellist. The sinuous, modern shape of the Draco manages to look radical while feeling quite natural to classically-trained cellist -- all of the physical reference points of the acoustic cello are preserved. The custom Bridge Dragon Deep Emerald Green cello looks every bit as good as it sounds! The semi-hollow design gives the Draco some acoustic resonance, and the built-in preamp gives you volume and tone controls on-board. Dark, rich tones accurately recreate the range of the cello, with just a bit of edginess to remind you that this is an electric cello. Paired with the right amplifier, you can easily play any acoustic style of music, from bluegrass and Celtic to country or gypsy jazz. When you're ready to rock, the Bridge Dragon custom cello is up to the task -- it works great with high-gain effects, with almost no instance of feedback, in spite of the acoustic resonance of the semi hollow-body design. And as far as looks go, this Dragon custom cello has stage presence to spare.
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Wireless Compatibility Line 6 Relay G10, Line 6 Relay G30
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