Bridge Violins

Whenever the U.S. distributor has Bridge violins to ship, we've usually got about a quarter of the instruments available in the country in-stock. Check out our current inventory of Bridge violins and cellos in our shopping cart.

With their graceful, sinuous lines, gorgeous custom finishes, and excellent amplified tone, Bridge electric violins have long been a favorite of professional players and enthusiastic amateurs alike in the United Kingdom. Constructed of a carbon-fiber and Kevlar® composite, Bridge's instruments are as durable as they are beautiful. The hollow-body design gives them a slight acoustic resonance that improves the amplified tone with almost no risk of feedback.

For the violinist, Bridge offers the Aquila four-string model, the Lyra five-string, and even the Octave, a purpose-built "baritone" violin pitched an octave down from the regular violin.


Both the Aquila and the Lyra have excellent playability, with enough of an upper bout indicator to give a traditional player the familiar reference point when shifting into the upper positions. They've done a great job with the five-string Lyra model, too, making the string spacing at the nut and the bridge curvature generous enough to make transitioning from a four-string less difficult.

Tone is excellent and the instrument is very responsive; you can clearly sound a note with a fairly light touch on the neck. The sound of this violin is much more acoustic than you'd expect from a composite-body instrument made from space-age materials, making the Bridge electric violin an excellent choice for a wide range of playing styles.

Now manufactured in Asia and with a new U.S. distributor, Bridge electric violins and cellos are still instruments of exceptionally quality, but now they're more affordable than ever.

If you need a copy of the Bridge Violins Warranty Card/Certificate of Authenticity, you can download it from our website, here. The serial number for your Bridge instrument is stamped on the back side of the instrument's bridge. Bridge instruments come with a one-year warranty against any defects in materials or workmanship. Only the original purchaser of a new Bridge instrument is covered; the warranty is non-transferable.