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Bridge Cellos

Built from a carbon-fiber and Kevlar composite, the semi hollow-body Bridge Draco electric cello has a bold, curvy shape and is available in a range of attractive, colorful metallic finishes. Just adding one of these electric cellos to your arsenal will ramp up your stage presence, but these beauties are not all form and no function. The sinuous body shape of the Bridge Draco electric cello faithfully reproduces all of the physical reference points of your acoustic cello, so playing the Bridge Draco feels like home. Excellent electronics and the semi hollow-body design ensure a strong, rich tone, very true to the sound of an acoustic cello.

Call us toll-free at 866-900-8400 to learn more about Bridge Draco electric cellos or to place an order over the phone. If your favorite color is out of stock here, we can special order one for you!

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