Vector Cellete electric cello

The Vector Cellette electric cello is the lightest, most portable electric cello on the market. Stowed in its gig bag, the Cellette is only 35 inches long and weighs just four pounds. However, equipped with a Barbera transducer bridge, this little cello can slug it out with any of its portlier counterparts! The included endpin kit, knee outriggers, and chest brace give it a feel that's quite comfortable even for classically-trained players.

Cellette 4 String $ 3,995
Cellette 5 String ( Low F or Hi E )      $ 4,395
Custom Color: $ 350
Flight Case $ 375
Stand $ 295

Don't let its light weight and diminutive stature fool you -- the Vector Cellette comes with a Barbera bridge, for a strong, rich output that's all out of proportion to its size. It's hard to believe such an amazingly convincing cello tone is coming from such a small instrument, but playing is believing!

Includes knee outriggers, endpin mount, and chest brace -- everything a traditional cellist needs to give them the physical reference points they're used to relying on. Also includes a padded gig bag with a shoulder strap.

If you're putting together an electric ensemble, we almost always have four and five string Vector Prodigy violins and a five string Vector Prodigy viola to match!

The Vector Cellete is currently available by special order only. Please call us toll free at 866-900-8400 for more information or to place an order.

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