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CodaBow Joule cello bow

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The CodaBow Joule makes a great bow for a traditional instrument, but is indispensable if you plan an extended-range cello. Electric Violin Shop is an authorized CodaBow dealer.

Following on the phenomenal success of the violin version, CodaBow now offers its popular Joule bow to adventurous cello players whose instruments venture below the C string of a traditional cello. The Codabow Joule for cello has an exceptional balance and feel, quite light in the hand, and draws a great tone from both acoustic and electric viola -- it makes a really great bow for any instrument, acoustic, electric, or extended-range. But if your cello has five or more strings the Joule is the answer to your prayers. The shape of the frog is quite elegant, with a distinctively different look that's pleasing to the eye. Fit and finish and overall build quality are flawless -- as we've come to expect from CodaBow. Electric Violin Shop has built and maintains a close working relationship with CodaBow International, and is an authorized CodaBow dealer.

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