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CodaBow Luma violin bow

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If you've ever wished for a lighter, quicker bow that pulls a great tone without sacrificing any of the tonal spectrum of your instrument, the Luma is CodaBow granting that wish. A few grams lighter than the rest of the Diamond line, it's incredibly quick in the hand and well-balanced -- an exceptional performance bow for either traditional or alternative styles players. Electric Violin Shop is an authorized CodaBow dealer.

For players who prefer the feel of a lighter stick, but often find that a bow with less weight compromises their tone, CodaBow has applied their design prowess and technical mastery of composite materials to solving this problem. We were really impressed with both the power and richness of tone we were able to pull with the Luma. For players who want a quicker, lighter stick without sacrificing anything in tone production, there's nothing on the market quite like the Luma -- for everyone else, it may not replace your good pernambuco bow, but it might well become another useful weapon in your arsenal. CodaBow says the Luma is "inspired by the strong, light facility and the rich tonality of bows by Voirin, Lamy, and Thomassin", and "a tribute to history’s pioneering makers and a testament to modern bow design". We feel that it's not only a worthy tribute, but a truly exceptional bow that adds yet another outstanding choice to Coda's line of premier performance bows. Electric Violin Shop has built and maintains a close working relationship with CodaBow International, and is an authorized CodaBow dealer.

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