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CodaBow Diamond NX Violin bow, EVS custom model

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Modified by CodaBow to provide specific playing characteristics requested by the Electric Violin Shop staff, we think this custom version of the Diamond NX represents one of the best pure values on the market. A quick, well-balanced bow, it pulls a great, strong tone, its balance and feel are outstanding, and its price is affordable for most players. Electric Violin Shop is an authorized CodaBow dealer.

Electric Violin Shop is excited to offer the first synthetic bow made specifically to our exacting standards, providing the playing characteristics we look for in a great bow, at a price that keeps it affordable for most players. The EVS model Diamond NX from CodaBow represents a compromise between the affordability of the Diamond NX and the performance of the Diamond SX. We extensively play-tested a number of different bows during the design and production of our custom model, suggesting changes to wring as much performance out of the bow as possible, without drastically increasing its price. The result is a bow of exceptional balance and feel, quicker in the hand and more responsive than the standard Diamond NX we. It pulls a great tone from both electric and acoustic instruments. Electric Violin Shop has built and maintains a close working relationship with CodaBow International, and is an authorized CodaBow dealer.

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