DigiTech RP360XP multi-effects pedal

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With more than forty additional effects, double the recording time on the included looper, and a host of improvements to the user experience, feature set, and interface, the DigiTech RP360XP multi effects pedal is a worthy successor to the RP255, and a great addition to any player's effects arsenal. This pedal has a durable metal chassis, expression pedal, and foot switches to select from more than 160 different effect patches. Includes a built in tuner and looper, and drum patches (to help you with your groove). The RP360XP also has a USB output for editing tones via DigiTech's Nexus, or computer recording with almost any recording software or digital audio workstation.

The RP360XP is the latest mid-level multi-effects processor from DigiTech. It is the processor intended to replace the venerable RP255, and features a number of improvements over the old model. Its function as an effects box is much the same, so you can still toggle through the many pre-programmed settings (and reprogram them to be your own custom settings) by using the foot switches. However now you can also select these presets with a thumb wheel on the control panel.

The expression pedal now can function as either a wah wah or volume pedal on any setting, where with the RP255 players had to edit the individual patches if you wanted to enable the wah function for that particular setting.

The biggest news is the looper, which has twice as much recording time as the RP255, and features a dedicated foot switch separate from the switches that control the effects patches. This makes the RP360XP's looper much easier to use, and players can now change their sound while looping.

Overall the RP360XP is a big upgrade from the RP255… its construction is more robust, its user interface is more streamlined, and it just plain sounds better and is more fun to use.

The RP360XP sounds great with amplified bowed strings, and its grid style interface is intuitive even for those who are new to effects. It is also one of the cheapest multi effects pedals we have found that includes looping capability (40 second loop) along with USB output for computer recording. Each preset can also be edited with DigiTech Nexus (downloadable software from DigiTech's website).

Includes power supply, does not operate on battery power.

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