Electric Violin Effects Pedal Bundle


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Hone your signature violin, viola or cello tone with our convenient effects pedal bundle! Select an effect from each of the categories below -- patch cables come included.
Tired of digital menus and dozens of the guitar presets you don't need but find in multi-effects processors? Time then to simplify. Not only are stomp box style floor effects simpler and more intuitive to use, they are dedicated to making one effect (each) and making it very, very well! Choose one each of Distortion/Overdrive, Modulation/Filter and Reverb/Delay pedals from the drop downs before clicking 'Add to Cart.' Included with the bundle are 3 Planet Waves Classic 6" inch patch cables, which neatly and cleanly connect your pedals in a tight array on stage. Consider adding these products to your effects bundle (found in the 'Related Products' tab above)...
  • The ModTone Pedal Board, is a convenient way to both power your effects and move them quickly on stage. The pedal board supplies A/C power to up to 8 different units at once!
  • The Wood Violin Wah is a fantastic and affordable wah-wah pedal. Add the classic cry baby effect (easily the most fun effect to play with!) to your sound.
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