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Electro-Harmonix Pocket Metal Muff

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The Electro-Harmonix Pocket Metal Muff distortion pedal runs the gamut from vintage arena rock to the thrashiest Metal nastiness you can conceive, all for the price of a nice set of strings!

The Electro-Harmonix Pocket Metal Muff is three of our favorite things: inexpensive, compact, and great-sounding. First of all, let's cut to the chase...this is a high quality distortion box for only $55. This pedal's only direct competitors are inferior in both construction quality and tone, so it truly is in a class by itself; this is a professional quality effects box for the price of a novelty.

The Pocket Metal Muff is built using Electro-Harmonix's durable Nano chassis, which is roughly half the size of a standard effects pedal. It is incredibly aggressive sounding, and it has knobs for distortion and volume, and a 3-way switch that controls the amount of midrange scoop.

DISTORTION CONTROL - adjusts the amount of input gain.

VOLUME CONTROL - sets the output level.

SCOOP TOGGLE SWITCH - provides two settings of attenuation in the middle frequency range. In the up position, the mid attenuation is high. In the middle position the mid attenuation is low. In the down position there is no mid frequency attenuation.

FOOTSWITCH - Selects whether the POCKET METAL MUFF is engaged or bypassed. The corresponding LED will be lit when the pedal is engaged, and dark when bypassed.

INPUT Jack - This 1/4” jack is the audio input to the POCKET METAL MUFF.

OUTPUT Jack - This 1/4” jack is the audio output from the POCKET METAL MUFF. When the POCKET METAL MUFF is in Bypass mode, the OUTPUT jack is connected to the INPUT jack through a buffer.

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