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Electro-Harmonix Ravish Sitar Pedal

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Whether you play ragas or just want to add Indian flavor to your music, the Ravish Sitar transforms your stringed instrument into a convincing, authentic sitar. The Ravish Sitar is a powerful, highly customizable sitar emulator that offers a polyphonic lead voice and tunable sympathetic string drones that dynamically react to your playing.
We all love our bowed strings, but let's face it....we're primarily melodic instruments. Very few instruments, however, offer as much harmonic and dynamic flexibility as a sitar. Electro-Harmonix has streamlined the essence of the sitar into a compact enclosure that offers a polyphonic lead voice (the main strings plucked on the sitar) and tunable sympathetic string drones (11 to 17 sympathetic strings within the body of a sitar that ring out at all times and are tuned to the key and scale determined by the player) that dynamically react to your playing. Create your own custom scales for the sympathetic strings while you set the decay time for the lead voice. Two expression pedal inputs allow you to bend the pitch of the lead voice and control the volume of the sympathetic strings simultaneously. These unique controls offer the player the ability to program the Ravish to become a totally unique and organic instrument unto itself. The Ravish is a truly new design with the flexibility to be a crossover tonal wonder. Get the most out of your Ravish Sitar with these suggested settings! (click) Features:
  • Independent timbre controls for the lead and sympathetic string tones.
  • Independent volume controls for dry, lead and sympathetic string voices.
  • Play in all twelve chromatic keys in major, minor and exotic scales.
  • Create your own custom sympathetic scales; up to 17 notes, including microtones.
  • Freeze the sympathetic strings by holding down the PRESET footswitch.
  • Fade and freeze sympathetic strings with optional expression pedal.
  • Control the decay of the lead sitar notes.
  • Modulate the sympathetic notes to create movement similar to that of a tanpura.
  • Bend the pitch of the lead voice from one semitone up to one octave with an optional expression pedal.
  • Separate outputs for main mix and sympathetic strings.
  • Selectable Q control on lead voice allows variation from organic to synthetic.
  • 10 fully programmable presets or leave it in What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) mode.

Works great with low strings, too:

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