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EVS Bolt Deluxe braided carbon fiber viola bow

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Electric Violin Shop is proud to present our own brand of affordable carbon fiber bows. The braided EVS Bolt Deluxe braided carbon fiber viola bow is a step up from our regular Bolt bows, producing a stronger, fuller tone as well as providing more control in off-the-string playing and more stability in the middle of the stick for legato playing.

The EVS Bolt Deluxe is an affordable braided carbon fiber bow that offers amazing performance for a viola bow in this price range. This is a true carbon fiber viola bow, not a mixture of graphite and fiberglass like a lot of the other entry-level bows that are comparable in price. The braided EVS Bolt carbon fiber viola bows offer more premium performance, still at an affordable price. Designed more as an intermediate or step-up bow, even players with more expensive pernambuco bows will find it acceptable as a backup, or for playing outdoors and in venues where you wouldn't want to take your good wood bow. As is true with most carbon fiber bows, the braided EVS Bolt viola bow is not only a great performer, but they are offer a level of consistency that is nearly impossible to achieve with wood, due to the varied qualities of natural materials.

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