Fishman V-100 violin/viola pickup

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This popular Fishman violin/viola pickup installs easily in the wing slot of your bridge and has a 1/8 inch mini jack output which fastens to the after-length of your strings.

The Fishman V-100 is a lightweight pickup for violin or viola that mounts into the wing slot of the bridge, so it can be removed easily. The patented "Floating Mount" system does not diminish the sound of the instrument -- it mounts in the after-length of the strings, and is secured with a zip tie, to ensure that it doesn't vibrate against the strings. A ten-foot mini-jack to 1/4" adapter cable is included. Read our article on how to install the Fishman pickup on a classical instrument. Paired with a good acoustic amplifier, the V-100 provides good, even tone across all four strings. Through some amplifiers, or if you're going direct to the board, tone on the high end can be a bit harsh. Consider adding a preamp to ensure optimal tone from the V-100 under those conditions. (For a more durable installation that uses a standard 1/4" cable, see the Fishman V-200.)

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