Fourness Fuse 4-string w/MIDI output, Transparent Blue Maple, with minor finish flaw

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This Fourness Fuse is equipped with a 13-pin MIDI output jack, which is calibrated for compatibility with the Roland GR-55 synthesizer. The Fuse, when played through the GR-55, makes for the fastest tracking, lowest latency MIDI violin available on the market today--if not ever! The Fourness Fuse violin, created by former ZETA luthier Evan Fourness, is a clear descendant of the ZETA Jazz Fusion violin, but with significant upgrades in tone and quality. The Fourness Monolith pickup expands the expressive range of the much loved ZETA Jazz bridge.

This Fourness Fuse has a small cosmetic crack in the finish (see last photo), so it's discounted $150.

For fans of ZETA violins, the Fourness Fuse is not just an acceptable alternative but a true upgrade in every sense. The double cutaway body of the Fourness Fuse represents a further evolution of a classic electric violin body shape that has gone through many versions in its 30 year history.

The Fourness's slim body width keeps the weight to 1.68 pounds (roughly average amongst solid body electric violins) and the body seems much more resonant than the old ZETA Jazz Fusions we’ve played. The removable upper bout attaches via a properly seated threaded insert with an adjustment set screw to lock in the angle of the bout rod in relation to the axis of the body.

The Fourness Fuse violin features the new ‘Monolith’ pickup, an updated version of Richard McClish’s ground-breaking ZETA Jazz bridge design. The innovative Fourness Monolith pickup bridge helps solve the grounding issues common to the old ZETA violins that used the ZETA Jazz bridge, and offers an improved sound. The tone of the Fourness Fuse is noticeably more acoustic-sounding in nature than that of the ZETA Jazz Fusion as the frequency response curve of the Fourness Monolith bridge is more like an acoustic violin than the compressed range of the ZETA Jazz bridge. Both warmth and brilliance come through and the better your amp, the more of that you will hear. Not only does the Fourness Monolith pickup include a wider range of tone and expression, it also manages also to filter out the unwanted thumps of bow changes!

This Fourness Fuse has a beautiful high-gloss transparent blue finish over the book-matched flamed maple top, however, there is a small cosmetic flaw in the finish (a short horizontal crack -- see last photo), so it's discounted by $150.

Other features include:

  • EMG preamp, battery powered, with individual string volume adjustment
  • Plug-in wiring harness for easy servicing
  • Switchcraft ¼ inch output jack
  • Switchcraft locking 8 pin DIN MIDI output jack
  • D’Addario strings
  • Select grade ebony fingerboard, kiln dried, then air dried
  • Select grade ebony pegs
  • Wittner fine tuners
  • Wittner Hypoallergenic chinrest
  • Case included

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