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Don’t sacrifice tone for volume—get a violin amp!

Once you have an electric violin, electric viola, electric cello or electric upright bass (or an acoustic instrument with a pickup), you are only half ready to be heard! Your actual sound comes from an amplifier.  If you start with an amp that gives you a natural-sounding tone, then you can modify it however you please.  We have a large selection of violin amps with great tone, features, and affordable prices! When choosing violin amps for practice or performance, here are some key features to consider:

  • Two input channels allow you to play with a friend, or run two instruments into the same amp.
  • Speaker size and wattage determine potential volume.
  • Cello and bass generally require at least 10” speakers to reproduce bass frequencies (exception: the Fishman loudbox amps reproduce the cello range nicely and even work with bass!).
  • Onboard effects such as reverb and delay add pleasing effect to add warmth to your string tone.
  • Effects beyond reverb take you into more wild sounds like flange, distortion, phasing, etc.
  • Headphone jack allows you to practice without disturbing your neighbor.
  • Direct, or line output sends your signal to the PA system so the sound technician can blend you with other band members.
  • Battery power for playing on the street.

Shop our varied selection of great violin amps.  If you need assistance, please contact us at 866-900-8400 for expert advice on choosing the best amp for your needs and budget.

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