Bobelock Case Company makes some of the nicest instrument cases for violin, viola, and cello of any manufacturer in the business. These cases stand head and shoulders above anything comparable in price, thanks to the Bobelock's exceptional construction, meticulous attention to detail, and selection of quality interior and exterior materials.

In particular, their unique line of brightly-colored and pastel fiberglass cases, have been incredibly popular ever since they were introduced. Originally offered in 1060 Oblong and 1047 Half Moon shapes (with hygrometers, humistats, and piano hinges for the generous case pocket!), they are now available in a smaller size for the traveler. The dart-shaped fiberglass cases are only available in green, black, blue, ivory, and red, while the 1007 Shaped fiberglass cases are available in the same full range of colors as their half-moon and oblong siblings.

Electric Violin Shop carries more Bobelock fiberglass cases in-stock than any other dealer. We turn over our inventory of Bobelock cases very quickly, so the specific color combination you're looking for may not always be in stock, but chances are good that, if we're sold out, a replacement is on the way. We're proud to support such a high-quality product produced by a small, family-owned company with a long tradition of excellence in the manufacture of quality cases/

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