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Glasser's new carbon composite acoustic-electric violins are a great option for players who want the best of both worlds -- a big, rich acoustic tone, and the option to plug in and amplify so you can be heard in situations where your acoustic alone isn't quite enough volume. These are well-made, attractive instruments with a really good acoustic sound and excellent amplified tone. The Glasser acoustic electric violins feature active electronics by Bartolini, with a bass/treble tone knob on the tailpiece and a volume knob built into the chin rest.
Glasser is a name commonly associated with bows, but that's about to change -- Andrew Glasser has applied the same spirit of innovation that created the first fiberglass bows to a line of attractive, high quality acoustic-electric violins. "Unplugged", the Glasser acoustic-electric violins have a clear, strong tone. They don't have the "woody" sound of your regular acoustic violin, but they don't have the nasal tone that you occasionally hear from some violins made from synthetic materials. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the acoustic tone of these violins. The Glasser's active electronics, developed in partnership with Bartolini, give these acoustic-electric violins a strong, rich amplified tone. The volume knob is built into the chin rest, and a combined bass/treble tone knob is on the tailpiece. The bodies of these instruments are exceptionally well-made, and available in seven colors: black, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, and red. Not every color stands out as well with the carbon fiber, but except for the pink (which presents as a light, pinkish grey), the color is definitely clear, and adds a welcome variety to the appearance of Glasser's acoustic-electric violins. If you've been looking to add an acoustic-electric violin to your arsenal, the Glasser carbon composite acoustic-electric violins offer an attractive and affordable option, with excellent build quality and sound. Price includes a basic dart shaped plywood-shell case.
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