Glasser AEX 5-string Carbon Composite Acoustic Electric Violin, Blue Metallic

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The Glasser AEX Carbon Composite Acoustic Electric Violins are available in 4 or 5 strings, with seven bright color options, and they feature active electronics by Bartolini, with a volume knob built in the tailpiece and both a 1/4" output jack and a nested combo bass/treble knob built into the chin rest.

This Glasser AEX violin is a brilliant blue metallic, with clear mica flakes in the finish that reflect back blue, resulting in a striking finish that seems to both absorb and reflect the light.

This particular 5-string Glasser AEX violin has a brilliant blue finish -- its metallic color also has clear mica flakes, giving it a pearlescent sheen that seemingly spreads the light through the color, while reflecting back glints of blue and silver.


  • 4 and 5-string models
  • Seven bold metallic and/or pearlescent color options with black trim: white, silver, pink, purple, red, green, blue
  • Bartonlini active electronics powered by 2 AAA (included)
  • Glasser Swordtail electronics, with a volume control in the tailpiece, and both 1/4" output jack and nested conbination bass/treble control in the chin rest
  • Perfection Planetary Pegs for easy, fast tuning and stability
  • Larsen strings
  • Basic dart-shaped case included.
  • Bow not included

Glasser AEX violins are a great option for players who want the best of both worlds -- a big, rich acoustic tone, and the option to plug in and amplify so you can be heard in situations where your acoustic alone isn't quite enough volume. These are well-made, attractive instruments with a really good acoustic sound and excellent amplified tone.

State of the art electronics by Bartolini connect to the Glasser Swordtail active chinrest system, with a bass/treble tone knob on the tailpiece and a volume knob and 1/4" output jack built into the chin rest.

The AEX violin uses a paint/dye coating system to provide a bold, distinctive, slightly pearlescent color to the body of the instrument. A black outline provides great contrast.
The instrument comes set up with Larsen strings and Perfection Planetary Pegs. Perfection Pegs were invented to prevent the problem of slipping or stuck pegs. These innovative pegs save time on tuning and increase the musical potential of your instrument.

Case and bow are not included. On a budget? The Toshira TC-100 violin case is safe and fits the Glasser violin like a glove. Or, light up the venue as soon as you walk backstage by adding a matching color fiberglass Bobelock violin case. Add a matching color Glasser Texalium violin bow to multiply your stage presence!

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