Headway EDM-1 Sheer Acoustic Equalizer Direct Blend preamp

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Headway's new EDM-1 Mini packs many of the features of their their acclaimed EDB-1 preamp into a stripped-down, portable package. Solid and roadworthy, the EDM-1 has all the essential functions: equalization, feedback control and impedance selection are all clearly marked and easy to use. The EDM-1 includes a 1/4" to XLR adapter, if you need a balanced line out, as well as a belt-clip.

In the UK, Headway's original EDB-1 preamp has always been nearly as popular as the venerable L.R. Baggs Para Acoustic DI is here in the states. When Headway replaced it with the EDB-2, they took the opportunity to introduce the EDM-1, a smaller, more portable model offering many of the features of the EDB-1 in a smaller, more affordable unit. For basic equalization, the EDM-1 has the standard bass, mid and treble controls. A range selector with settings for a wide range of instrument choices, which acts as a high-pass filter, providing feedback control as well as reducing boom and body handling noise. A three-position impedance switch with low, hi and hi+ settings optimizes input impedance for magnetic/active (less than 1 meg ohm), passive (1-5 meg ohms), or ultra-high impedance passive (5-20 meg ohms) pickups. There's also a mute switch for unplugging between sets or changing instruments. A belt clip and a 1/4" to XLR adapter to run balanced line out to a mixing board are included.

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