Jordan 7-string violin, Flamed Maple, with Barbera Twin pickup

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This instrument is made from beautiful flamed maple and has a transparent amber finish that really brings out the figure of the wood. A 7-string Jordan electric violin gives you the range of a violin, viola, and cello (plus one whole step!) all on one instrument. Jordan 7-strings are surprisingly easy to play, with exceptional tone thanks to the Barbera Twin Solid bridge, and a comfortable, ergonomic design.
Indulge your bass-er instincts, with a comfortable, ergonomically designed seven-string Jordan electric violin, that lets you play the full range of a string quartet, without switching instruments! This 7-string Jordan is crafted from a single piece of flamed maple, finished in a warm amber stain. A Barbera Twin Solid bridge provides a powerful output and rich, full sound. With a high quality amplifier, you will be shocked at the depth and richness of tone. Choose a 7 string Jordan if you want a violin that also sounds like a viola, cello, and even a bass! Finding your way around on this instrument takes some getting used to, but the design of the Jordan 7-string make it seem way easier than it ought to be, and it's not an unreasonable size or weight! Tuned E-A-D-G-C-F-B flat, yet alternate tunings are possible also. Try E-A-D-G-C-G-C (tuning the lower 2 strings a step above their designed pitch) or E-A-D-G-C-D-A (tuning the lower 2 strings below their designed pitches). Improvisers be warned - you will find yourself doing things you've never dreamed of! Includes a nice oblong violin case.
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Wireless Compatibility Line 6 Relay G10, Line 6 Relay G30
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