Jordan 7-string violin, Quilted Maple, with Barbera Twin pickup

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If you're looking for an aesthetically beautiful instrument with incredible range, this quilted maple Jordan electric violin is worth a second look. A 7-string Jordan gives you the range of a violin, viola, and cello (plus one whole step!) all on one instrument. And John Jordan's 7-string instruments are surprisingly easy to play, with a comfortable, ergonomic design and exceptional tone thanks to the Barbera Twin Solid bridge.
Indulge your bass-er instincts, with a comfortable, ergonomically designed seven-string Jordan electric violin, that lets you play the full range of a string quartet, without switching instruments! This lovely maple 7-string Jordan has a small burl figure on the top near the chin rest, and a heavier quilt pattern on the back of the neck. But the most surprising thing about a seven-string Jordan electric violin is how easy it is to play. The wider fingerboard keeps your left hand from feeling too cramped, and the perfect bridge curvature and string height makes bow work easier than it ought to be, even on the thickest, low B-flat string. We recommend a CodaBow Joule extended-range violin bow to get the most out of Jordan 7-string, but whatever bow you use, you'll find bowing this instrument easier than you'd expect. A Barbera Twin Solid bridge provides a powerful output and rich, full sound. With a high quality amplifier, you will be shocked at the depth and richness of tone.Choose a 7 string Jordan if you want a violin that also sounds like a viola, cello, and even a bass! With a high quality amplifier, you will be shocked at the depth and richness of tone. Finding your way around on 7 strings takes some getting used to, but it is not an unreasonable size or weight! Tuned E-A-D-G-C-F-B flat, yet alternate tunings are possible also. Try E-A-D-G-C-G-C (tuning the lower 2 strings a step above their designed pitch) or E-A-D-G-C-D-A (tuning the lower 2 strings below their designed pitches). Improvisers be warned - you will find yourself doing things you've never dreamed of! Includes a nice oblong violin case.
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Wireless Compatibility Line 6 Relay G10, Line 6 Relay G30
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