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Jordan 7-string violin, Purpleheart, Barbera Twin Solid pickup

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This 7-string Jordan electric violin is a gorgeous instrument of a royal hue. This purpleheart beauty is the perfect violin for the player who has a violet urge to explore their bass-er instincts. Equipped with a Barbera Twin Standard bridge, it has a powerful, focused tone from the violin range all the way down to (and just below!) the cello.
This Jordan violin is made from a single piece of purpleheart (also called amaranth). The wood turns purple when it's first exposed, the striking color of the wood contrasting nicely with its strong vertical grain. Gold hardware really sets off the violet hue of the wood, making this one of the prettiest Jordans we've ever had. The most surprising thing about John Jordan's seven-string electric violins is how easy they are to play. The wider fingerboard keeps your left hand from feeling too cramped, and the perfect bridge curvature and string height makes bow work easier than it ought to be, even on the thickest string, the low B-flat. We recommend a CodaBow Joule extended-range violin bow to get the most out of Jordan 7-string -- it's designed specifically for extended-range and octave strings, and does a great job of gripping the thicker, low B-flat and Fstrings. But whatever bow you use, you'll find bowing this instrument easier than you'd expect. A Barbera Twin Solid bridge provides a powerful output and rich, full sound. With a high quality amplifier, you will be shocked at the depth and richness of tone.
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Wireless Compatibility Line 6 Relay G10, Line 6 Relay G30
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