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NS Design CR4T Bass

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The 'T' in CRT stands for traditional. Choose the CRT Bass if you want to more closely emulate your current upright bass in feel and sound, yet have that sleek stage presence of the NS Design look. Made in the Czech Republic, it has the height adjustable Polar bridge pickup, as well as tone controls to allow you to tailor your bowed or pizzicato sound for any type of music.

The NS Design CRT Bass gives you more feel and sound of a traditional upright bass than the other NS Design basses. The action a bit higher and under higher tension for more expressiveness plucked or bowed. The electronics are biased for warmer and more authentic acoustic tone. The body is the same beautiful maple as his other basses.

The proprietary Polar piezo bridge is curved for bowing just like an upright bass (and is easily height adjustable). The CRT comes with the endpin stand only, so the bass leans against you like a regular standup bass. Its adjustable design allows you to set the instrument in a position like that of an acoustic double bass. The end pin can be easily adjusted so that the weight of the instrument is centered over the tip. This balances the instrument leaving both hands free for expressive play. Put the CRT on the optional tripod stand and you can leave it standing by itself when you walk away.

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Wireless Compatibility Line 6 Relay G10, Line 6 Relay G30
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