NS Design NXT Viola, Satin Black

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Built in the same factory as their CR series instruments, the NS Design NXT violas have the same exceptional build quality and attention to detail, and are much lighter in weight. NXT violas have a passive version of Ned Steinberger's patented Polar™ pickup system for great tone and flexibility.
The NXT viola brings world-class design and craftsmanship to a surprisingly affordable price range. With a visual appearance as striking as its sound, the roadworthy NXT is an exciting and reliable partner for the most demanding performance career. As adaptable as it is powerful, the NXT adjusts easily to any violist's style. Built on a comfortable 16" scale length the NXT comes equipped with the Custom Shoulder Rest which can be formed by the player to fit the body perfectly and adjusted for height, tilt and angle. The self-powered Polar™ electromechanical transducer, technically referred to as a passive pickup, is anything but passive, with higher output than most active systems. The result is unsurpassed dynamic range, clarity, and sheer power. The dual mode Polar pickup responds to both lateral string vibration for bowing, and vertical vibration for pizzicato playing. (A body-mounted two-way switch lets the player change modes easily.) The resulting sound retains the essential timbres of a fine acoustic viola, but is easily modified—via on-board controls or post-processing—to suit almost any sonic palette. The NXT incorporates NS Design's innovative JackPot potentiometer in its volume and tone controls. Conventional passive volume and tone controls work by siphoning a portion of the output signal to ground, and continue to hold back a portion of the pickup's signal even when turned up all the way. The JackPot incorporates a rotary switch that disengages the ground when turned fully clockwise, sending 100% of the instrument's signal to the amplifier. The result is a fuller, richer tone, with more power, detail, and overall intensity.
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Wireless Compatibility Line 6 Relay G10, Line 6 Relay G30
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