NS Design WAV violin amber, B stock

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An affordable, entry-level violin made even cheaper as a B stock! With the same shape and ergonomic feel as their Czech-made instruments, the NS WAV violin is more comfortable than your acoustic violin, sounds great amplified, and is priced well for the entry-level electric violin market.

This is the very last of the old Chinese-made WAV violins. It was held back due to a finish flaw on the back of the instrument (see the last photo, for a detailed closeup), but is now available at a discounted price. Though it looks almost like a crack, the damage is purely cosmetic, and doesn't affect the functionality or structure of the instrument at all. The WAV violins have the same shape and exceptional ergonomic feel as the CR series violins made in the Czech Republic. The biggest difference is that the WAV violins are passive - they do not have 9 volt battery-powered preamps like those made in the Czech Republic. This makes them lighter in weight. There is a volume control and single tone knob.

Tone is outstanding for its price range because it also uses Ned's patented Polar® pickup. The WAV violin uses the same easily adjustable and ergonomic feel as the pro-level CR series violins made in the Czech Republic.

Each of these B-stock instruments may have a small cosmetic finish flaw (i.e. one small hairline scratch on one side, or on the back, a spot on the fingerboard, a faint smudge that cannot be polished out, etc.). These flaws are very subtle, however, and you probably will have to look pretty hard to even find any! Our 30 day hassle free returns period applies as does the full 2-year manufacturer's warranty. Set up in our shop for easy playability, just like all our instruments. And we offer a generous trade in allowance later on if you should wish to upgrade.

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