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NS Design WAV violin, Brilliant White

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This brilliant white NS Design electric violin is everything we already love about the WAV, in a beautiful custom finish. This instrument has the same great amplified tone and exceptional ergonomics that have made the WAV a favorite with our customers for years.

NS Design did a test run of some possible custom colors for their WAV series electric violins, and offered them to Electric Violin Shop so we could gauge interest among our customers. For now, they've only done one instrument in each of the proposed colors, so if there's one in particular you really like, you should definitely snap it up while you can. Gloss white is a classic electric violin color; this brilliant white 4-string WAV violin is a cool white, just the least bit bluer than the warmer white of the snow white WAV-5 violin. The WAV violin has the same shape and exceptional ergonomic feel as the higher-end NS Design violins made in the Czech Republic. The biggest difference is that the WAV violin is passive - they do not have the active preamp (powered by a 9-volt battery) like the CR-series instruments. This makes them lighter in weight. There is a volume control and single tone knob, as well as a two-position selector switch to optimize for either bowed or pizzicato playing. Tone is outstanding for its price range because it also uses Ned's patented Polar® pickup. The WAV violin uses the same easily adjustable and ergonomic shoulder pad system as the Czech-made violins, and the upper bout is removable for lightning-fast shifts up the fingerboard. Fit and finish are outstanding for an instrument in this price point, with three color options to match your personal style: transparent paint, as well as transparent red or transparent amber over a flamed maple top. Whether you're a student looking for your first solid-body, or a string educator looking to add electrics to your program, the NS Design WAV Violin is good news for any budget-conscious shopper looking for a great electric violin! Price includes custom case.

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