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NS Design WAV Violin Package


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This is the best electric violin beginner package value we've ever assembled! With the popular NS Design WAV violin we've included the EVS Bolt carbon fiber bow, a Kustom Sienna 16 Pro amp, a DigiTech Element XP effects pedal and two cables to give the first time electric violin player a performance-worthy outfit at an unbeatable price! Choose your 4 or 5-string WAV color and upgrade any or all of the gear components below.
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NS Design WAV Violin Package
NS Design WAV Violin Package

In stock




    WAV Violin

    The NS WAV violin is more comfortable than your acoustic violin, sounds great amplified, and is priced well for the entry-level electric violin market. Available as a 4 or 5-string in, amber, transparent black and transparent red finishes.

    Tone is outstanding for its price range because it also uses Ned's patented Polar® pickup. The WAV violin uses the same easily adjustable and ergonomic shoulder pad system as the NS Design CR violins, and the upper bout is removable for lightning-fast shifts up the fingerboard.

    Fit and finish are outstanding for an instrument in this price point, with three color options to match your personal style: gloss black paint, as well as transparent red or transparent amber over a flamed maple top. Whether you're a student looking for your first solid-body, or a string educator looking to add electrics to your program, the NS Design WAV Violin is good news for any budget-conscious shopper looking for a great electric violin!


    • Best price -- The EVS Bolt carbon fiber violin bow is the best-performing bow we've ever found under $100
    • Best value -- Upgrade to the EVS Bolt braided carbon fiber bow, which is a step up from the regular Bolt bow in terms of tone production and stability.
    • Best performance -- The CodaBow Prodigy offers exceptional performance at a fraction of the price of a comparable wood bow. CodaBow bows are revered by even the most discerning classical players for their balance, response and tone drawing capabilities.


    • Best price -- Choose the Kustom Sienna 16 Pro for an awesome-sounding violin amplifier that's great for practice.
    • Best value -- Performers should consider upgrading to the Kustom Sienna 30 Pro for added power and the tonal benefits of a larger speaker.
    • Best performance -- Upgrade to the Fishman Loudbox Mini for a full frequency, performance-ready amp that is feature packed, sounds amazing with the violin, and is no larger or heavier than the Kustom 30.


    • Best price -- The DigiTech Element XP is the most cost-effective entry into the full world of effects, featuring 58 effects to choose from, 100 factory presets and 100 user-definable presets, and 45 drum tracks to play along with, plus an expression pedal for foot control of volume or wah.
    • Best value -- The Digitech RP360XP is a performance-worthy effects unit, with durable metal chassis, expression pedal, and foot switches to select from more than 160 different effect patches. Includes a built in tuner and looper, and drum patches (to help you with your groove). The RP360XP also has a USB output for editing tones via DigiTech's Nexus, or computer recording with almost any recording software or digital audio workstation.
    • Best performance-- The Boss ME-80 lets you select from preset pre-amp models based on classic guitar amp sounds, fully EQ your tone and have live stomp-pedal access to distortion, modulation, compression and delay effects. The ME-80 also adds USB connectivity, so one of the most popular effects processors ever built is now also your computer recording interface!


    Last but not least, two Planet Waves Classic 10 foot cables connect your violin, amp and effects floor unit and give you room to roam on stage.

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    Wireless Compatibility Line 6 Relay G10, Line 6 Relay G30
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