NS Design Fretted CR5 violin

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One of the most innovative electric violin designs, the NS Design CR-5 violin is now available in a fretted version. Predictably, Ned Steinberger has does a fantastic job of making the frets comfortable and natural feel, so while this violin looks wild, it feels and sounds like a traditional violin.

The NS Design CR5 violin looks wildly different from any acoustic violin you've ever held, yet retains a good acoustic's familiar feel and tone. In fact, feeling and sounding like a good acoustic violin is just the beginning of what the NS Design CR5 violin can do! This particular violin is one of the first CR-5 violins that has been fitted with frets. The folksat NS Design have done such an exceptional job in creating the fetted version of this instrument that even a die hard opponent of fretted fiddles may find themselves won over. The instrument features a powerful preamp that can cut or boost both bass and treble separately. There is also a volume control and a three-position toggle switch that tailors the frequency response of NS Design's proprietary Polar Pickup system to an acoustic tone, and electric tone, or optimizes the signal for sustained, guitar-like pizzacato. If that level of control weren't enough, designer and ergonomic genius Ned Steinberger has included a removable upper bout position indicator as well as the most comfortable and adjustable contoured shoulder rest you'll probably ever play. The shoulder rest system allows you to adjust the height of the violin, the playing position from open to closed, and instrument tilt for more vertical or horizontal bowing angle. The NS Design CR5 violin operates on an included 9 volt battery and comes strung with D'Addario Helicore strings. The price includes the full Electric Violin Shop setup and a custom NS Design case. All NS Design CR series instruments come with a 5-year limited warranty from the date of purchase.

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