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Go electric for only $369! The Fishman cello pickup gives you plenty of signal, the DigiTech Element XP multi-effects pedal gives you mild to wild sounds with aid of a built in expression pedal, and the Kustom Sienna 16 amplifier delivers a solid, reliable tone. Save $$ by buying this package! If you'd rather try looping than effects, select the JamMan Express XT instead of the Element XP.
The Fishman pickup has a strong, rich output signal and is a great choice for your first cello pickup. It is easy to install and will work on most acoustic instruments. If you want to modify your cello's sound with digital effects from the mild (reverb, delay, chorus) to the wild (distortion/overdrive, flanger, phaser, wah, etc.), then select the DigiTech Element XP. If you prefer the "clean" acoustic sound of your cello, and want to experiment with looping, add the DigiTech JamMan Express XT. The Kustom Sienna 16 is a better practice amp for about $50 more, but if you're performing, you should consider upgrading to the Sienna 30.
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